All About Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Parents Need to Know

  Mothers may be familiar with SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome. It has been deprived of a mother’s little baby and also has become the chief killer of infants under age one. In the old days, people are entirely blind to this cause of death. All mothers are worried about it. For many years, a number of experts dedicated to the research in this area, and get some results. Today’s article will share some causes of SIDS. Mothers need to pay more attention to and try to avoid these causes.

1. babies do not sleep in the same bed as their parents

  Most parents who want to take care of their babies at night conveniently will let babies sleep in the same bed as them. But in fact, it has some bad impacts on babies. For example, people are usually unconscious when they are asleep, they don’t know and can not control what they will do. Parents may hurt babies when they roll over on them at night. After groping for solutions to this problem, people can choose to set a crib in the bedroom attached to their bed. In this way, babies can sleep in the same room with their parents but also avoid getting from parents at the same time.

2. smoking

  Baby death, or sudden infant death syndrome, is directly related to smoking. As it is evident that smoking is harmful to health, no matter to adults or babies. It is not only harmful to smokers themselves but also threatens other people's health. As the victim of secondhand smoke, women, and babies are more at risk from the cigarette. Secondhand smoke can cause or contribute to serious health problems, including stroke, cancer, asthma, bronchitis, and other chronic lung ailments. Of course, it will cause sudden infant death syndrome. If there is a smoker in the home, it should make sure that the smoker washes his hands and face, and changes his clothes before picking up, getting in touch with the baby. But the best way is to quit smoking.

3. sleep position

  There is also a result of SIDS: Sudden infant death syndrome is associated with babies’ sleep positions. Normally, there are three different sleep positions of babies: sleeping on tummy, sleeping on the back, sleeping on the side. It is not suggested that baby is sleeping face down. Because it will increase the risk for apnea. So it is better, safer to let babies sleep on the back.

4. sleep environment

  Infants are always vulnerable. The too hot or too cold environment both can cause babies to get a cold, even can cause SIDS. Parents need to stabilize the room temperature and change suitable baby clothes in time for babies. Next will recommend some different baby clothes, sleep sacks that are suitable for different temperatures.

  This is one of the most hot-selling baby clothes in Kaiya Angel. Because it has a wrap-around design that can offer the baby a sense of security. About the fabric selection, this sleeping bag is made of bamboo fiber that is breathable, can help babies feel cooler on hot summer days.

  Different from the above wrap-around sleeping bag, this thick sleeping bag is more suitable for cold winter. On one hand, it has a higher degree of TOG. On the other hand, 100% cotton is ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable without static electricity. Babies can feel cozy, warm after wearing it.

  This sleeping bag is another start product. Because it has removable sleeves and bottom. The long sleeves can be removed, and the bottom can be opened. Parents can adjust it as their preferences.

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