All About Swaddle - Tips For Parents

  Every baby has stayed in their mothers’ womb before birth for almost nine months. It can be challenging for babies to be in an unfamiliar environment. They are always seeking security. At this time, parents need to prepare some related baby products to help swaddle for their babies, like stretchy, personalized swaddle blanket, swaddling clothes, etc.

  Today’s article will be going to discuss all information about swaddle from three points.

1. Why swaddle?

1.1 avoid the Moro reflex

  The Moro reflex is also called a startle reflex. It means babies are startled by the outburst, like loud noises, intense light, sudden movements, sometimes they even will be scared by themselves. How to calm down a baby that has Moro reflex? Swaddling is one of the good methods. Swaddle a newborn baby can make him/her feel secure. It can help fasten babies’ limbs to avoid startling themselves while sleeping. Then babies can have a longer, more restful sleep.

1.2 stabilize the body temperature

  Newborns do not have the ability to regulate their body temperature. They need supplementing by swaddling clothes. Swaddling can help keep the baby feel warm and cozy no matter what the temperature is. Parents don’t need to be worried that their babies may catch a cold in an air condition room, or overheating.

1.3 protect babies from scratching themselves

  When babies start to grow out their fingernails, the danger of scratching themselves is also expanding. Because they will flail their hands at any minute. Swaddling is a good choice to protect babies from scratching. It holds babies’ hands tucked under the swaddling clothes to make the hands can not be close to their face.

2. How to swaddle?

  The method of swaddling a baby is not difficult, all parents can learn it easily. Only two steps can finish complete swaddling.

1) Place the baby's back on an open sleeping sack.

2) Tuck the baby’s legs inside the leg pocket, at the same time tuck his/her arms inside the arm pocket gently, slowly.

3) Finally, close the zipper, swaddle and secure the

3. Swaddle tips

3.1 Do not swaddle the baby too tight. Too tight may make the baby feel uncomfortable, even may make him/her hard to breathe.

3.2 Make the baby lay on his/herback. Babies lay down on their stomachs may affect respiration when asleep.

4. Swaddling products recommendations


  The wrap-around design can simulate the uterine environment. A similar environment is always important for babies to establish a feeling of familiarity. They can feel secure and safe after swaddling.

  The lower part of the wrap-around swaddle uses the split-leg design that can help babies kick, move their legs more freely. Reasonable exercise is good for babies’ growth and development.

  Fabric selection requires choosing environmental, comfortable, natural fabrics without chemicals, such as 100% cotton, Pima cotton, bamboo fiber, etc. These swaddles are made of bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber is a kind of ideal fabric for babies’ sensitive, delicate skin. It is highly breathable and moisture-absorbent. 


  The size of this swaddle blanket is 48in*48in. It is large enough for parents to wrap or swaddle their babies easily. It also can be versatile used in other ways. For example, the blanket can be covered the newborns, also can be placed under them.

  Besides, parents can receive personalized service. They can have their babies’ names on the blankets by embroidery to make it to be exclusive and unique.

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