Everything A New Mother Need To Know About Baby Sweating

  Some babies love sweating who need to be paid more attention to. But most new mothers know nothing of baby sweating. Don’t worry, today’s article will advise some useful information and suggestions for references.

1. Everything Need To Know About Baby Sweating

1.1 Make Babies Catch A Cold Easier

  Normally, when a baby sleeping in hot conditions, they are easy to sweat. Hot air can also cause uncomfortable drafts feelings. At this time, sweating is a way that the body cools itself down, and how a baby regulates its own body temperature. But over-sweating also will make babies catch a cold easier. Compared to adults, babies’ resistances are poor. Mothers will usually wear multiple layers for their babies, and they can take them off as the babies heat up. Baby clothes need to be light, and easy to put on and take off. They also can be layered conveniently if the temperature gets too hot or too cold. 

  Besides, if a baby sleeps in wet clothes, he/she will feel very uncomfortable. If a mother doesn’t change the baby’s wet clothes, or the baby may catch a cold. Once a baby has a cold, he/she can't breathe through his/her nose, he/she will feel much more uncomfortable.

1.2 Baby Can Suffer From Eczema

  On the one hand, parents need to change the diaper in time, or babies are easy to get diaper rash. On the other hand, baby clothes also need to be changed regularly. Babies who love sweating where it is easy to grow prickly heat, like the neck, forehead, armpit, ass, etc. Sweat or urine both can cause the stimulation on your baby's sensitive, delicate skin.

2. How To Choose Baby Clothes?

  The baby clothes are better to have good permeability and moisture absorption. Next, Kaiya Angel will recommend some baby clothes that are made of bamboo fiber below:


  This baby one piece is sleeveless and legs-free which is more suitable for summer days. These special designs are also for giving babies more freedom to move, including kick, crawl, stand, or even walk.

  There are three snaps on the bottom. Parents can take on and off it easier. The diaper change also can be more convenient.

  Now there are two available colors in the store: gray morn and lilac. These colors are both classic, simple, unisex. Both baby girls and baby boys can wear it.


  This is a good swaddle that is designed for newborns under 6 months. The most stand-out feature of the design is the wrap-around closure. The wrap-around design simulates the uterine environment. Babies stay in a familiar environment can get a safe feeling to sleep better. Mitten cuffs and folded feet can provide babies with better warm-keeping. TOG 1.0 makes the sleeping bag light. Babies will feel gentle after wearing it. Besides, it also has split legs. Babies need to get enough exercise as they are growing up. Split-leg design can help them exercise more freely anywhere they want.


  Compared to the above two baby clothes, this sleeping sack has a wider range of sizes. Newborns and toddlers from 3 months to 24 months both can wear it.

  Every short sleeve sleeping sack has a three-dimensional bottom of the crotch that can offer more space for the baby to wear diapers comfortably.

  Note: This sleeping sack has three colors now: aster purple, gray morn, shell. Sleeping bags in solid color (aster purple and gray morn) are made of bamboo fiber. Sleeping bags in shell are made of 100% cotton. The 100% cotton is super-soft, super-comfortable, super-cozy without static electricity. It is a good fabric for baby wear.

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