How to create a good baby’s bedroom sleep environment?

  Infants’ sleep problems always can be caused by inappropriate sleep environments.

  Babies need a special sleep environment. Some mothers will follow the traditional newborn care habits and place their babies in a quiet, dark bedroom for long periods of time. This environment will cause distress to the baby's sleep, baby fighting sleep. Once your baby gets restless baby sleep, it can affect his/her growth and development.

  So how to create a good baby’s bedroom sleep environment? Please kindly read on, you will find the answer below.

1. Sound

  Many families are afraid of waking up their babies, and always are careful to avoid making any noise after the baby falls asleep. Is this good for the newborn's sleep? Actually, no. For newborns, they are already used to hearing all kinds of sounds when they are in the mother's womb. Suddenly being in a particularly quiet environment will make them feel uneasy, uncomfortable. If you find that your baby sleeps better outdoors, then maybe you need to adjust the sound environment at home. Parents can use white noise that can help simulate a “home” environment for their babies.

2. Light

  Many parents in order to help their babies can sleep during the day, always keep the dark. In fact, the daytime indoor darkness is not conducive to the formation of the baby's circadian biological clock. It even will be prone to the phenomenon of day and night reversal. Some sensitive newborns may not be able to adapt to the strong light during the day. In the first four weeks of life, you can appropriately dim the indoor light during the day to ease your baby’s discomfort. However, people still need to help their babies adapt to the daytime natural light as soon as possible, so that the biological clock of day and night can be formed at the same time.

After the baby wakes up during the day, appropriate outdoor activities also are beneficial to the formation of the biological clock.

3. Temperature

  Parents should set a suitable room temperature for their babies. It can not be too hot or too cold. On one hand, being too hot can cause your baby to overheat. On the other hand, too cold will make your baby catch a cold. Both of them will make your baby feel uncomfortable, and can not get a restful sleep.

4. Airflow

  Because the respiratory function and cardiopulmonary development of babies are immature. If the air in their bedrooms is not fluid and low in oxygen at night, babies will not have a restful sleep. Especially during the rainy season, prolonged rains will lead to low air pressure and poor airflow. I suggest parents open windows to increase airflow more frequently.

5. Sleep Sacks

  The broad definition of the sleep environment contains what a baby wears during sleep. For both newborns and toddlers, a sleep sack is necessary for good sleep. Firstly, sleep sacks can give babies a cozy, snug feeling. Babies can get enough sense of security. Secondly, some newborns’ sleep sacks are versatile that have the ergonomic design with an anti-startle reaction. This design can help decrease the risk of SIDS to keep your baby safe. You can come to Kaiya Angel to pick up one.

6. Safety

  It is important to keep the sleep environment safe at all times. Do not stack any items in the crib, and ensure do not let things wrap around or weigh down the baby. Do not smoke or place any toxic substances in the bedroom. As a caregiver, setting the baby crib next to your bed is good for you to wake up during the night at any time, and take care of your baby.

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