Clothes, as the essence of people's daily life, play a significant role in human life at all times, from a newborn to an adult. People buy different clothes for different occasions. Like home wear, play wear, outside wears, etc. 
  And for babies, sleep takes up a lot of the day. So all parents must learn how to dress newborns or toddlers for sleep. They need to find newborn summer clothes, and winter clothes for their babies. To make sure babies can always wear the right baby clothing to get a restful, tight sleep all year round. Because when babies sleep, the growth hormone is released into their bodies. Getting plenty of high-quality sleep helps babies to grow and develop better. 
  Below are some properties of baby clothing parents need to consider when they are shopping. 

1. What kind of sleepwear do parents need to buy?

  Consumerism, hedonism are like fast food as approved by people and enjoy their consumption. So "fast fashion", "ultra-fast fashion", even "instant fashion" are born. The plenty of trendy, new products made people glad, but the problems at the same time can not be neglected. Most companies that want to gain more market share need to cut the cost of products. It affects quality problems, environmental problems, etc. 
  Especially buying sleep wears for babies. Please kindly check the below information for references. 

made of Eco-friendly fabric

  The most important part of all clothes is that they need to be made of Eco-friendly fabrics. Because babies have more sensitive, delicate skins than adults. So the baby clothes must be natural, and completely chemical-free. On the other hand, choosing natural fabrics to produce clothes also is good for the environment. Every baby clothing company needs to take the responsibility to create kind baby clothes that are kind to babies, kind to parents, kind to Earth.

wear comfortably, softly, durably

  How to make a baby to have a sweet dream? First of all, he needs to have perfect sleep wear that can make him feel comfortable, soft. Having a good feeling of wearing helps the baby get a sense of security. And then he can fall asleep restfully. 
    Normally, babies grow fast. So parents usually will choose some grow-with-me or transitional baby clothes for longer use. The clothes need to be durable and high-quality. 

sustainable products

  Recently, more and more designers start to make some classic, sustainable designs for longer wear to refuse the waste. The concept of sustainable development has been defined as profitable. No matter consumers or suppliers should pursue it.

breathable in summer, warm in winter

  Clothes are rarely able to wear all year round. Babies should have different clothes in different seasons. Like wearing breathable, cool clothes in summer, changing to cozy, warm clothes for winter. 

2. Sleep essentials in Kaiya Angel

  There are many kinds of baby clothing on the market. When people have a dizzy array of choices that are available to them, they may have no idea what to buy. No worries, as a professional, experienced baby clothing brand. Kaiya Angel contains all kinds of baby products. Next, the article will give some recommendations for references. 


  According to the below photo, you can find that this is a sleep sack for newborns. It is ergonomic and has a special waist design, closed hem design that babies can get more safe feelings. They can have a longer, more restful sleep. 


  This sleep sack is more suitable for elder babies and toddlers. The best selling point of this one is that it has detachable long sleeves and opened bottom. There are two zippers on the shoulders. Mothers can move or install the sleeves freely at any time. This sleeping bag can be long-sleeve, or sleeveless. Buy one cloth can get two different items at a competitive price. What a great deal.


  The last recommended sleep sack is perfect for winter wear. It is 2.5 TOG that means it is thicker than the above two sleeping bags. Babies can get more warmth from it while sleeping in winter. The grow-with-me bottom can extend its useful life. When the baby is small, he can hide his feet, or kick his legs in the sleep sack. As time goes by, the baby grows up, and needs to start to learn to stand and walk. Mothers can open the bottom and let their babies peek their feet out. 


  As it is said before, babies need to wear breathable clothes for sleeping in summer. That is why this one is the recommendation. These sleeveless rompers are made of bamboo fiber that is super-breathable, super-coll for summer wear. And it is also a kind of organic, green fabric without chemicals. 


  After introducing a sleeveless romper, long sleeves romper is also an essential item. This one is made of waffle-knot cotton that is very comfortable. Babies are free to wear it no matter sleep or awake. 


  After introducing a sleeveless romper, long sleeves romper is also an essential item. This one is made of waffle-knot cotton that is very comfortable. Babies are free to wear it no matter sleep or awake.