How to help a mother to have a better sleep at night?

  How to get your baby to sleep well is definitely an especially worry for all mothers. I also have heard many moms complain about their babies not sleeping cause the whole family can not sleep and rest. Restless baby sleep will lead to restless parents’ sleep. For example, some newborns won't sleep unless held. So mothers need to hold their babies all night long. It makes mothers exhausted.

  That is why we need to find out some way to figure it out.

1. Why does a mother also need a good sleep at night?

  When a mother’s biological clock is completely disrupted, she can not fall asleep after her baby falls asleep. Or she will wake up suddenly in the middle of the night, and her sleep quality will be seriously reduced. Decreased sleep quality can affect the daily life and health of all mothers.

  Bad sleep can affect a person's mental state, productivity, and even health status. Normally, adults need at least 7-9 hours of sleep per day.

2. How to have a good sleep at night?

  • develop a sleep habit

  Every new mother need to develop a good routine and maintain a healthy sleep habit.

  • give up electronic products before going to bed

  Several studies and reports suggest that using electronic products like a tablet computer or a phone for bedtime reading may affect your sleep quality.

  When people read iPads or phones instead of books, they will go to bed later and fall asleep difficultly. Their levels of melatonin (the hormone that regulates sleep) are suppressed and the secretion time is delayed. And the REM sleep periods also will be shortened.

  So mothers should try to give up their electronic products before sleeping.

  • dim room lights

  Dim all light sources in your bedroom before going to bed. Including TVs, computers, and cell phones. Because the lights from TVs and computers can stimulate your brain and disrupt your sleep. In addition, the dimming light will tell your brain and body that it's about to go to sleep, allowing your body to enter a pre-sleep state in advance.

  • help your baby sleep better

  The basic way is to get your baby a sleep sack. A suitable sleep sack do can help a mother a lot.

1) Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

  These sleep sacks are made for newborns that always feel insecure about the new world. They do need enough safety. And this kind of sleep sack has a different considered design: it is ergonomic with an anti-startle reaction. Newborns will get a similar feeling as they are in their mothers’ wombs. The two-way zippers are convenient for mothers to change diapers at night. The design help mothers save time and energy. Besides, this is a newly launched item for the coming summer. It is an updated version that has organic cotton mesh on arms and legs. It is easy to let heat out, and make newborns feel cool and comfortable during sleep. And it also can make a baby’s sleep longer and more restful. Then mothers can get more time to have a rest.

2) Baby Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

  Different from the above newborn sleep sacks, this bamboo sleep sack has a wider range of sizes. Newborns and toddlers from 0 months to 24 months all can wear it. It is a sleeveless sleep sack that is convenient for toddlers to self-soothe. Bamboo fiber is buttery-soft, super-breathable. Babies can get an extremely comfortable sleep. Once a baby feels comfortable, he/she can have a longer, more restful sleep. At the same time, mothers can relax themselves and get better rest.  

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