There is a question that has plagued many mothers for a long time - how to help a baby sleep well at night? People often hear such familiar monologues as: my newborn wont sleep in bassinet, my newborn is fighting sleep, my newborn wont sleep, etc. 
  As it is known to all that sleep is a very important bodily function. So what specific benefits does good sleep have? How to help a baby sleep well at night? Today, we are going to talk about these two questions in detail as below. 

1. Why do babies need high-quality sleep?

1.1 benefit in physical and moral health

  Sleep is particularly important, especially for babies, their bodies and brains are undergoing growth. Sleep also can help every baby to build up a strong immune system. The job of the immune system is to fight infections, kill germs, and protect the baby's health.

1.2 promote growth and development

  Good sleep is the guarantee of a good rest. A good rest can promote babies' growth and development. Good early development of an infant is the basis.  

1.3 improve well being and elevate mood

  As an adult, boosting a baby's mood is also necessary. Sometimes, babies burst out crying. There are many possible reasons why they cry. Babies may be hungry, may feel uncomfortable, maybe unhappy, etc. A good sleep sometimes can cure it. Because it could elevate babies' moods. 

2. How to help the baby sleep well at night?

2.1 get the baby a sleep sack

  This is a regular, basic method. Get a sleep sack for your baby. Different aged babies have different needs of sleep sacks. 
  For example, newborns like to be swaddled. Because they are unfamiliar with the new world. They need to find a sense of security from the sleep sack. On the other hand, the sleep sacks for newborns are better to have an ergonomic design with an anti-startle reaction. Newborns can feel safe and relaxed, and then they can have a better, more restful sleep. 
  For some elder babies or toddlers, they prefer to be comfortable while sleeping in a sleeping bag. In winter, they would love the sleep sack that can cozy them up, and offer good warmth for them. 
  Some babies will kick the quilt when they are sleeping. It is easy to catch a cold the day. After sleeping with a sleep sack, parents don't need to be worried about it anymore. 

2.2 try to wean the night feedings

  Does your baby usually wake up at night? They may be really hungry. And you should feed them. When a baby reaches a certain age that the doctor suggests stopping night feedings. Mothers can start to reduce them gradually. In many cases, babies are just habituated to eat at night, they don't really want to eat. Weaning the night feedings could help both of you and your baby to sleep the whole night.

2.3 create a perfect sleep environment

  A bad sleep environment always can contribute to poor sleep. A good sleep environment should be quiet, dark, warm, safe, and comfortable. 
  Let's talk about safety first. Parents want their babies to sleep by their side for more convenient care. But sleeping next to adults in the same bed is dangerous for babies. Babies may get injured while their parents are turning over. The best way is to let the baby sleep in a crib next to your bed in the same room. 
  Next, parents also need to stable the room temperature. The temperature can not be too high or too low. Both can cause the baby to get a cold. The baby's sleepwear should be changed seasonally. Wearing breathable, cool sleep sacks on hot summer days. Wearing warm, cozy sleep sacks on cold winter days. 
  Turn off the light when your baby is ready to sleep. Because the light will give a cue to the brain that it is time to wake up. Your baby will have great difficulty getting off to sleep with the light on. At the same time, keep the room relatively quiet.