How to reduce the risk of SIDS - all about baby safe sleep

  SID is the main killer of infants under age one now. There are many things can cause SIDS, including baby sleeps face down, baby spitting up in sleep, baby overheating, etc. Many parents are concerned about how to reduce the risk of SIDS? How to make their babies have a safe sleep? Today’s article will help people to know SIDS better. Please kindly read on.

1. What is SIDS?

  SIDS is the abbreviation for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It is a sudden unexplained death of a baby who is under one year old. SIDS usually occurs during sleep, in the early hours of the morning.  

2. What will cause SIDS?

  The exact cause of SIDS is still unknown.

2.1 share beds

  If a mother wants to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, she should not sleep in the same bed with her baby. But she can sleep with the baby in the same room. The baby will be risky while sharing a bed with his/her mother. Because the mother may compress her baby every time she turns over.

2.2 secondhand smoke or pregnant smokers

  If a mother smoked during pregnancy, her baby will have a higher risk of SIDS. Besides, if there is somebody smoking in the room, it also will increase the risk of SIDS. As a victim of passive smoking, infants are more at risk from cigarettes than adults.  Giving up smoking can help the whole family to have good health.

2.3 sudden arrhythmic death

  Some studies demonstrate that sudden arrhythmic death is an important contributor to SIDS. Arrhythmic will decrease the ability of the heart to pump out blood and deliver blood to the body. If vital organs can not get enough blood, it can ultimately lead to death.

2.4 sleeping position is incorrect

  As it is said above, sharing a bed not only will cause the mother to compress her baby but also will cause the baby to have an incorrect sleeping position. What is the correct sleeping position? Usually, babies can sleep on their backs. Do not sleep on their stomach or their side. Because the baby will have bad breath in these sleeping positions. 

2.5 Alcoholic

  Generally speaking, a pregnant mother who drinks alcohol a lot may cause harm to her baby. Men and women both should give up alcohol before they plan to conceive.

2.6 premature

  If a baby is ill or is premature, she/he will be weaker and more dangerous than other normal babies. She/he needs more attention and care. 

2.7 overheating while sleeping

  Many parents are afraid of their babies catching a cold in winter. So they always will help their babies wear many thick clothes or higher the room’s temperature. But overheating also will make babies feel uncomfortable, sweat easily, their hearts will pound, even they may be hard to breathe.

2.8 familial and genetic tendency

  Sometimes, SIDS also has a familial and genetic tendency. If a baby has a sibling who died of SIDS, then he/she will have some probability to die of SIDS, too.

3. How to reduce the risk of SIDS?

3.1 sleep on the back

  Newborns spend most of their time sleeping, so the quality of sleep is very important for them. Getting a correct sleeping position is also important. Normally, a baby is better to sleep on his/her back. It is a safer position than sleeping on their tummy or side. Parents can put their babies on their tummy when they are awake. It can strengthen their back and shoulders.

3.2 use pacifiers

  Using pacifiers will have a pacifying effect on babies. After being soothed, babies can easier have a restful, peaceful sleep.

3.3 choose suitable sleeping bags


This sleeping bag has a wrap-around design that can simulate the uterine environment. Babies can have a safe feeling and protection to have a better sleep.


  This ergonomic sleeping bag has an anti-startle reaction. Babies can have a longer, restful sleep after being swaddled by this.

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