Have you ever been in such a situation? Babies are awakened easily during sleep, many things can wake them up, like the New Year's bell, a sudden hit, etc. If you want to figure out this problem, you should know how long should a newborn be awake in the day at first. Parents always want their babies to have fast asleep and can have a longer, restful sleep. A baby sleeps well, his/her parents also can get a good rest.
  Next, we can discuss this issue from two aspects: why and how.

1. Why do babies wake up at night?

  There are many reasons, as a baby is very sensitive, insecure. The below lists some main parts.

1.1 sudden loud noises

  Even adults can be badly frightened by the sudden noise, particularly babies. As a new member in a new world. Everything around them is fresh, unfamiliar. Babies get really insecure. The sudden loud noises, like New Year's bell that can wake them up. I met this before.  

1.2 sudden movements

  In order to take care of the baby more conveniently, some parents may choose to let their baby sleep in the same bed. This is not recommended. It has some potential dangers. On one hand, parents and babies are both easier to wake up to. The sudden movements can keep people awake. On the other hand, babies can be crushed by their parents. It is dangerous. So experts will suggest babies sleep in the same room but in different beds with their parents. Parents can set a baby crib next to their bed. They can take care of babies more conveniently at any time. At the same time, it ensures security.   

1.3 sudden light

  People can wake naturally in the morning because everyone has a body clock. Besides, the natural light lifts them from a deep sleep. The light gives a clue to the brain that it is time to wake up. So when the baby is hit by a sudden light, he/she is easily awakened.

1.4 sleep too much in the day

  The amount of sleep a baby needs is better be fixed. Less or excessive sleeping both are bad for health. If a baby sleeps too much in the day, or has a too-long nap. He/she may don't want to sleep or will wake up often at night.

2. How to fix it?

  The solutions need to be found from the reasons. The easiest way is to give the baby a pat. A gentle tap on the back gives a baby relief. What else?

2.1 buy a newborn sleepsack

  As the above said, newborns need a sense of security. They like to be hugged, swaddled, snugged. They can find a familiar, safe feeling from a sleep sack. Besides, a warm sleep sack also can cozy up babies on cold winter days. At the same time, some sleep sacks have an ergonomic design with an anti-startle reaction. After wearing it, every baby can have a sweet dream. Parents can take a good rest at night, too. 
  Below are three typical newborn sleep sacks from Kaiya Angel all can meet the needs. Especially the 3in1 one. One product contains three items: a swaddling band, a swaddling wing, a sleeveless sleep sack. A baby can sleep in three different sleeping positions by wearing this sleep sack: arms-in, arms-out, arms-up. 




2.2 set a sleep schedule

  Another way is to try to establish a more consistent daily and night sleep schedule for your baby. Once it is established, you just need to keep it every day. But it doesn't have to be too strict. It can be flexible. Mothers can adjust the schedule accordingly, try to follow their baby's natural rhythms as much as possible. 

2.3 create a good sleep environment

  A baby not just has sensitive skin. He/she is sensitive to the influences of the external environment. Including the sounds, lights, movements. Creating a restful, comfortable sleep environment can help the baby sleep better. 
  Parents can control the temperature, light, and air quality in the bedroom to help your little one to have a perfect sleep environment. Everyone shouldn't smoke in this room. Second-hand smoke can easily cause dangers. The room temperature cannot be too high or too low. Both can make a baby catch a cold. Light in the night reduces human melatonin levels which can cause sleeplessness. Turn off the light when it’s time to sleep.