The baby sleep sack is a kind of popular and necessary baby item. Most mothers all over the world are using them. Why a baby needs a sleep sack? How to wear a sleep sack? With doubt, with a thought, let us learn more for answers.
   There are many different types of sleep sacks on the market, This includes sleep sack with legs, sleep sack with short sleeves, long sleeve sleep sack, sleeveless sleep sack etc.

1. Why the baby needs a sleep sack?

1.1 baby need a safe feeling 

  Babies' especially newborns, this is their first time being in the outside world, The mother's womb is a safe place. They enjoy being snuggled and swaddled. It gives them a feeling of security, and help them feel warm and cozy. Sometimes, babies' may have startle reflex during sleep, It awakes the baby and make him/her scared and cry. A baby sleep sack with an anti-startle reaction can help solve this problem. Mothers can consider buying one.

1.2 help baby sleep safe and better

  Days before baby sleep sacks were introduced, parents usually covered their baby's with a quilt or a blanket. Babies would easily kick the quilt when they are asleep and then they catch a cold the next day. Besides, there is a another concern, the baby may suffocate if the quilt or blanket is over the face.
  Getting baby's to sleep in sleep sacks can help keep out of the above dangers. Babies can sleep safer and better. 

1.3 a great warm keeping

  A sleep sack is kind of womb-like and cozy for the baby. They can have a more peaceful, restful sleep in it. Sleep sacks have different TOGs. The higher the TOG the warmer the sleep sack can be. Mothers always will choose 2.5 TOG or 3.5 TOG sleep sack for babies in winter. And these sleep sacks also have fold-over cuffs and footies. Babies can hide their hands and feet in it to get more warmth.

2. How to wear a sleep sack?

  Wearing a sleep sack is not very complicated. Normally only need three steps, you can check the details as below:
1) Unzipped the sleep sack, place your baby's back in it.
2) Tuck legs inside sleep sack legs, at the same time tuck arms inside the sleeves gently.
3) Finally close the zipper.

3. When to stop using sleep sacks?

  When is the right time to stop using sleep sacks? It depends on babies'. Newborns or when the babies are little, they need to find a similar feeling like staying in the womb. Being swaddled can give newborns a sense of security. Newborns usually sleep in the arms-in, or arm-up position. These positions can help them feel safe and have a peaceful, restful sleep. 
  As time goes by in their growth they don’t like to be swaddled anymore. They start to learn to roll and crawl. At this time, parents need to change to other types of sleep sacks. These sleep sacks need to be relaxed and loose. So that babies can freely kick their legs without any restriction. The older they get the more freedom they want. 
  Most families will stop using sleep sacks when the baby is one or two years old. But there are some babies' who will continue to use sleep sacks through their toddlerhood. As long as the size is suitable, toddlers can keep wearing them. 

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