Helping babies to have regular sleep and wake times is a big challenge for new mothers. Not every baby is docile. Parents may encounter a number of difficulties while putting babies to sleep, while babies are sleeping. Like the newborn hates swaddle, newborn sleeps with mouth open, baby fighting sleep, etc. At these times, what can they do to solve these kinds of problems? Today’s article will offer some suggestions to help figure out. All parents can check the below information for references.

1. newborn hates swaddle

  Many mothers will swaddle their babies. Because swaddling can make babies feel secure, and calm them down. But there are some babies who hate swaddling. Parents need to find out the reason why the baby doesn't like swaddling. If it is because they are wrapped too tight, and feel uncomfortable. Or they are just simply don't like it. 
  Parents can try to choose other sleep sacks for babies that can help them sleep better.


  According to the below photo, this sleep sack has a special waist design. It only has tightness on the waist, babies can get a suitable feeling of security. The ergonomic design with an anti-startle reaction do helps every baby to sleep well. On the contrary, its top and bottom both have enough room. Babies can feel free in it. Especially at the bottom. While the baby is sleeping, he can sleep tight, restfully. While he is awake, he can kick his legs in this sleep sack freely. 
  By appearance, there are three solid colors and one shell print pattern can let all customers choose. Three unisex colors: lilac, cameo pink, whisper green are all perfect for both baby boys and baby girls. Gentle color tone also can help soothe, relax babies, and make them facilitate quicker and sweeter sleep. Distinct shell print design matches Kaiya Angel’s image. A cute shell represents extra protection that has a strong outer shell. All babies can wear soft, durable baby clothes to have good growth and development.  


  In order to meet the requirements of babies of different ages. Different sleep sacks have different designs. Like this sleeveless sleeping bag. Its sleeveless design makes babies can wave their hands easily. Besides, its bottom is not just big, it also can be opened. Babies can hide their feet in it when they are small. After growing up, they can peek their feet out to learn how to stand and walk. 
  Considering this is a 2.5 TOG thick sleep sack, the designer designed it to remove the weight on the chest. So babies can feel freer and more comfortable while sleeping. 


  Winter is coming. It is time to get some cozy sleep sack for warming up babies. This 3.5 TOG winter sleep sack can meet all of needs. Babies can get a comfortable feeling, a sense of security, have warmth better, and enjoy a sweeter dream. 

2. baby fighting sleep

  There are some possible reasons why baby fighting sleep. They may be hungry, want to eat something before going to bed. They may be uncomfortable. 
  Before going to bed, parents need to check a few things in advance. Like changing a new, clean, dry diaper for the baby. Helping them wear a suitable sleepwear. Wearing breathable clothes in summer, warm clothes in winter. 
  What's more, parents also need to consider the sleeping environment. Stabling the room temperature, making some white noise, turning off the light, etc. 
  If the baby is still crying and doesn’t want to sleep. Mothers can give the baby a pacifier or a thumb. Additionally, parents need to master the correct method of holding the baby. Some people will try to read some books, play some soothing music that also can help babies to sleep quickly. 

3. newborn sleeps with mouth open

  If people find the newborn sleeps with mouth open, it is not a good sign. Mouth breathing typically means that the newborn may not breathe well through the nose. Parents should find the reason for it and take some actions to resolve it.
  Allergies are the main reason. When babies find that they can not breathe through the nose easily, they will open their mouths to help. If parents make sure that babies have allergies, take them to see a doctor as soon as possible. 
  Another reason is the air indoors is dry. So babies feel their nose and mouth are dry. It could be easily solved, parents only need to buy a humidifier. 
  With every change of the seasons, babies are easier to catch a cold. Their noses will be stuffed, especially during the night. When the nose is badly stopped up, the baby only can open the mouth to help breathe. At this time, parents need to take babies to see a doctor at once.
  Parenting is always a required course, hope this article can help.