Every mother will make mistakes during raising a baby, no matter this is the first or the second baby. This article made a survey of mistakes that first time mom and dad may make. And it also put forward some suggestions, to sum up experience, to help mothers to avoid these common parenting mistakes in the future. 

1. sleep on the side or stomach

  Sometimes, mothers may be confused about the sleeping position of their babies. What kind of sleeping position is better for babies?
  Compared to sleeping on the side or stomach, sleeping on the back is better. It is a comfortable sleep position for babies that supports good sleep quality. So put infants to sleep on their backs. Besides, the incorrect sleeping position may increase the risk of SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome.
  If the mother wants her baby can have a restful sleep. She needs to pay more attention to not only her baby's sleeping position but also the choice of the sleeping bag. A good, suitable sleep sack does help a baby to sleep better. Below are three typical sleep sacks in Kaiya Angel that are good for newborns to sleep. By the way, parents choice suitable diapers for babies is also important. Comfortable diapers also can make babies feel comfortable.


  The best selling point of this swaddle is that it is ergonomic. Special design makes it have an anti-startle reaction. This can help the baby to sleep tight and stably. Besides, it has a zipper on the front of the sleeping bag. Mothers can take it on and off, change diapers conveniently, quickly, even in the middle of the night. 


  As it is known to all, babies have grown in the womb for almost 10 months. The mother's womb is a familiar and safe place for a baby. And this wrap-around swaddle simulates the uterine environment that helps the baby to have a secure feeling. Then they can sleep in this sleeping bag restfully. 


  Compared to the above two sleep sack, this one is more versatile. Because everyone can buy one get three items. This sleeping bag is detachable. It has three different wearing methods. This 3in1 sleeping bag is formed by three items, one sleeveless sleeping bag, and 2 detachable swaddle wings.
  Babies can single wear it as a sleeveless sleeping bag. Babies also can wear it with the detachable swaddle wings. There are three different wearing methods that mothers can choose: arms in, arms out, arms up. 

2. improper room temperature

  The other key influencing factor that can affect a baby's sleep quality is room temperature. Too hot or too cold are both not good for sleeping. And babies even may catch a cold sometimes. So parents need to regulate the temperature of the room to help babies to have a good environment to sleep.

3. take babies into crowded places

  The busy road, crowded places are always dangerous to babies and small children. They may get hurt easier. Especially now the whole world is under the COVID-19. Parents should take babies to stay at home, refrain from going outdoors as much as possible to keep them safe. 

4. parents share a bed with babies

  In order to take good care of babies conveniently. Some active parents will choose to sleep on the same bed with their babies. But actually, it is dangerous for babies. Sleeping on the same bed with parents, babies may be crushed by them, or cause incorrect sleeping positions. No matter what happens, almost all possibilities are bad for babies' development.
  So parents are better to set a crib next to their bed in the same room. Then they can take care of babies at any time, and no need to be worried about hurting babies.