What to do when the baby kicks the quilt?

  This problem is one that many mothers deal with. Because of the large temperature difference between day and night, mothers always are afraid their babies have a cold during sleep. So they usually choose a big baby quilt size. Then they will find newborns sweating at night sometimes. 

yujia shi

Yujia Shi, an expert in sleep sack design, is a valued contributor to Kaiya Angel's blog. With a strong background in baby sleep bags and maternal care, she is highly regarded for her professionalism. Yujia Shi prioritizes baby comfort and safety in her designs, using high-quality materials. Her insightful articles on sleep bags have been featured in reputable publications and have gained a significant readership. Trust Yujia Shi to help you create a comfortable and safe sleep environment for your baby, backed by her proven track record in the industry.

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