Why Cotton Is An Ideal Fabric For Baby Clothes?

  The comfort of a baby cloth depends on the fabric selection. Cotton material is the substantial base of baby clothes production. High-quality raw materials provide all customers with first-class products. At many good fabrics, cotton is always an ideal choice for suppliers to produce clothes. Put clothes that are made of cotton on the baby is also a good choice. Today’s article will focus on all information about cotton.

1. Types Of Cotton

  Below will mainly introduce four types of cotton, upland cotton, Pima cotton, tree cotton, and levant cotton.

1.1 Upland Cotton

  It is a kind of long staple cotton that is mainly planted in Mexico and South America. So it is also named Mexican cotton. Upland cotton is a kind of common, regular cotton for people to wear every day. The price is also competitive, everyone can afford it.

1.2 Pima Cotton

  Pima cotton is an extra-long staple (ELS) cotton. It is a kind of “Cotton Noble” with excellent durability, softness, color.

1.3 Tree Cotton

  Tree cotton is a kind of cotton native to India, Pakistan. Because it is affected by the influence of the environment on growth. It has stronger threads than other kinds of cotton.

1.4 Levant Cotton

  Levant cotton is grown in the semi-arid regions of sub-Saharan Africa and Arabia that is less than 2% of production.

1.5 Organic Cotton

  Sustainable, healthy, ultra-soft, super-comfortable. It is a kind of cotton that is without all chemicals. Babies can wear it safely.

2. Cotton Clothes Recommendations In Kaiya Angel


  This split-leg sleeping sack is designed for elder babies or toddlers. Babies from 3 months to 24 months all can wear it. It is convenient for toddlers to crawl, stand, and walk. There are three different colors of this sleeping sack: whisper green, shell, cameo pink. Sleeping bags in whisper green and shell are made of 100% cotton. Sleep sacks in cameo pink are made of Pima cotton. Cotton is a comfortable, cozy, breathable fabric to make sustainable baby clothes for babies.


  Different from the above one-piece sleeping sack, this front opening sleeping bag is more suitable for newborns and little babies under 6 months. These sleeping bags also are made of 100% cotton or Pima cotton. Sleeping bags in whisper green, lilac, and shell are made of 100% cotton. Sleeping bags in cameo pink are made of Pima cotton.

  This front opening sleeping bag has a special ergonomic design with an anti-startle reaction. In order to give the baby a long, restful sleep. Besides, the special waist design also offers the baby a sense of security.


  Another recommendation is the cute headband. The cotton fabric is friendly to babies’ sensitive skin. The headbands are stretchy to comfortably fit. Parents don’t need to worry it will slip off or leave any red skin marks on babies' heads. Customers can make a cute bow or other different looks for babies.

3. How To Care Cotton Clothes?

3.1 Washing

  Please kindly check the care label on the clothes before washing. Kaiya Angel suggests that handwashing is best. Choose non-irritating, gentle detergent. Don’t dry-clean. Separate the baby clothes by color. Do not wash them with some hard, rough things that may destroy them.

3.2 30℃-40℃ Water Temperature

  Wash in lukewarm water to prevent shrinking. It is a kind of protection to the baby clothes.

3.3 Drying

  Baby clothes made of cotton fabrics are better to be air-dried or hang dried. On one hand, it uses zero energy. On the other hand, it will not cause damage to the clothes.

3.4 Ironing

  The ironing bottom plate maximum temperature is 110℃.

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