Why my baby sweats while sleeping?

  A night of restful, peaceful sleep is essential for both mothers and babies. Babies need more time to sleep than adults. High-quality sleep helps them to keep healthy and grow better. For mothers, they can have more time to take a break when babies sleep well.

  Sometimes, mothers may be worried when they find their babies sweat a lot at night. Because they have no idea if a baby sweat during sleep is normal. Let’s find out the reasons and solutions today.

1. Reason

  • Season

  The air temperatures vary with the seasons and years. People easily sweat a lot on hot summer days. Besides, summer has strong sunlight. When a baby is out of doors, and intensity of light can easily cause a baby to sweat. If a mother doesn’t take good care of the baby's safety and UV protection. The risk of sunburn also will increase. When a baby is indoors, parents need to avoid keeping the baby under direct sunlight.

  • Room temperature

  Babies usually stay most of the time indoors. It is vital for parents to adjust a suitable room temperature for babies. The question is that most parents are always concerned that babies will feel cold. So they always choose to increase the room temperature. The result is the baby may be overheated and easily sweat during sleep.

  • Wear too many clothes

  Every mother always puts on more clothes for her baby to keep warm in case the temperature goes down. Wearing too many clothes can lead straight to overheating. Babies will easily sweat.

  • Fastermetabolism

  Babies’ metabolism is faster than adults, and body temperature is also higher. When a baby’s body temperature is too high, sweating can regulate body temperature.

  • Excessive exercise

  Some babies are active. They have a lot of exercise during the day and generate a lot of heat. After the baby falls asleep, the body emits excess heat through sweating in order to maintain the body temperature.

  • Eat before going to bed

  Babies generally have the eating habit of eating something before going to sleep. These foods enter the intestines. The intestinal peristalsis can digest the food. It will increase the secretion of gastric juices and sweat glands. During sleep, digesting food increases the amount of heat produced by the body. And babies need to release the excess heat by sweating. Generally, if your baby eats high-protein foods before going to sleep, he will sweat more.

  • Lack of Vitamin D

  If your baby is deficient in vitamin D, it not only will let your baby sweat a lot at night, but it will also affect the absorption of calcium. In serious cases, it even may lead to rickets.

  • Acalcerosis

  It is normal that babies sweat a lot when they fall asleep. Because their sweat glands are more developed, after falling asleep, they will have excessive sweating. Parents need to continue observing their babies. If the baby keeps sweating after sleep, and the amount is relatively large. It may be due to calcium deficiency.

  • Possibility of a disease

  People have sweat glands to make sweat. Sweat glands can pump out body heat in sweat. But if a baby sweat a lot more than other babies. He may have hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating on one or more parts of the body. When a baby has a fever, he also will sweat. There is also other possible disease that will cause sweat a lot, like malaria, heart disease, endocrine disorders, etc.

2. Care tips

2.1 stay away from direct sunlight

  It's best to avoid going out in the strong midday sun. If you are indoors, keep your baby stay away from direct sunlight or close the curtains. It not only can help control the baby’s body temperature and prevent overheating but also can prevent sunburn of the skin as babies’ skins are more sensitive and delicate than adults and need more careful care.

2.2 adjust room temperature

  Parents should control the room temperature through flexible adjustment. Put the baby in an air-conditioned room for more effortless adjusting the room temperature.

2.3 timely change of clothes

  Parents should timely change clothes for babies depending on the changeable external environment. When the temperature is high, wear the baby some breathable, cool clothes. I highly recommend Kaiya Angel baby clothes. There are some comfortable baby clothes made of bamboo fiber, including sleep sacks and baby rompers. Bamboo fiber is a highly breathable fabric that is stretchy, anti-bacterial, and anti-mite. Babies can wear it comfortably on hot summer days. Besides, bamboo fiber is also ventilated and moisture-absorbing.

2.4 timely replenish water

  Parents should hydrate their babies in time. Because when babies sweat a lot, they will lose not only water but also some electrolytes such as sodium, chloride, and potassium. Feeding water can help them replenish water and electrolytes that can avoid dehydration.

2.5 wipe the sweat off in time

  Why do parents need to wipe their babies’ sweat off in time? Because a baby's skin is delicate. The excessive sweat will hide in skin folds such as the neck, armpits, and groin. It can lead to skin infections and rashes. You should give your baby a bath and change new clothing in time.

2.6 apply some powder

  Applying some powders to your baby regularly can effectively help absorb the excess moisture from your baby's skin. And it can make your baby's skin dry and let him feel comfortable. It also prevents skin irritation from sweat and incomfort by clothing friction.

2.7 see a doctor

  There is another case when you can’t find the reason for the sweating of the baby. You can take the baby to see a doctor check if his body is healthy. All diseases are best to achieve early detection and early treatment.

3. Recommendations of Kaiya Angel breathable sleep sacks

Bamboo Quilted Sleeveless Baby Sleep Sack TOG 1.0

  This is our star product. The biggest selling point of this sleep sack is the fabric. Why do we choose bamboo fiber?

  Firstly, it is 100% natural fabric. People need to wear healthy clothing that is friendly to their skins and bodies. Especially for babies, cause babies’ skins are more sensitive, and their bodies are weaker than adults. A bamboo sleep sack is an ideal choice for babies to be safe and healthy. Safety is a basic need. On the other hand, bamboo fiber has more specific characteristics. It is softer than other common fabrics. And it is more breathable and has good moisture absorption. Bamboo fiber is a suitable fabric to prevent babies from being overheated.

  Secondly, it is 1.0 TOG for babies to wear all year round. What is TOG? TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade. It is a unit of measurement used to calculate the thermal insulation of your sleep sack. To learn more about the TOG, check the below links:

What is a TOG rating? How to choose the right sleep sack?

tog rating

  Thirdly, different from other sleep sacks. These bamboo sleep sacks are sleeveless. Why do we make it sleeveless? There are two reasons. On the one hand, the sleeveless design also can help avoid your baby from being overheated. On the other hand, this sleep sack can let babies peek their arms out freely. It is convenient for babies to self-soothe. Nothing could be better than a baby can be calmed by himself in no time.

  Fourthly, it can be used with Baby Bamboo Velcro Swaddle Wrap Band that is suitable for newborns. It can give newborns get enough security. Then they can have a more restful sleep. Parents also can take a good rest.

Eight Solid Colors:

  The solid colors are always simple, classic, and easy to match. We have eight solid colors now: creamy white, mint green, quartz pink, red brown, tigers eye, grass green, stone blue, space grey. All these colors are unisex, perfect for both baby girls and boys.

bamboo sleep sack

Eight Prints:

  In order to increase the diversity of this bamboo fiber. We added eight new prints, including cactus, undersea, giraffe, coconut palm, shell, sunrise, rainbow, greenery. There is always a print that can meet your need.

bamboo sleep sack

Short Sleeves Baby Sleep Sack With Mesh Cotton

  My following recommendation is the short-sleeve sleep sack with mesh cotton. It is an organic sleep sack that is made of 100% organic cotton. About the reason why we choose organic cotton, you can please see the below link for more information to reference:

Why is organic cotton better than regular cotton?

organic cotton

  It also has a particular design. It has mesh cotton on the back that can help babies to let the heat out easily during sleep.

sleep sack with mesh cotton

Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

  This newborn sleep sack has a similar design to the above short sleep sack. It also has mesh cotton. And this sleep sack is more suitable for newborns to wear. Newborns usually have the Moro reflex. The ergonomic design can help newborns to avoid it.

newborn organic sleep sack

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