A night of restful, peaceful sleep is essential for both mothers and babies. For babies, they need more time to sleep than adults. A good-quality sleep helps the babies to keep healthy and grow better. For mothers, they can have more time to take a break when babies are having a good sleep.   
  Sometimes, mothers may be worried when they find their babies sweat a lot at night Because they have no idea if a baby sweating during sleep is normal. Let's discuss the reasons and solutions today. 

1. Reason

1.1 Season

  The air temperatures vary in different seasons and years. People easily sweat a lot during hot summer days. Besides, summer has strong sunlight. When a baby is outdoor ,The intensity of heat(sun) can easily cause a baby to sweat. If a mother doesn't take good care of the baby's safety, and UV protection. The risk of sunburn also will increase. When a baby is indoors they are protected from direct sunlight.

1.2 Room temperature

  Babies usually stay indoors most of the time. It is important for parents to adjust a suitable room temperature for babies. The question is that most parents are always concerned about babies will feel cold. So they always choose to increase the room temperature. The result is the room temperature will increase beyond normal and the baby will easily be sweating during sleep.

1.3 Wear too many clothes

  Every mother always puts on more clothes for her baby to keep warm in case the temperature goes down. Wearing too many clothes can lead straight to overheating the body,the clothes will not leave any room for the body to cool down hence absorbing all the heat that the body release. For this reason, Babies will easily sweat. 

1.4 Faster metabolism

  Babies metabolic reaction is faster than adults, body temperature is also higher. When a baby's body temperature is too high. Sweating can regulate body temperature. 

1.5 Possibility of a disease

  Humans we have sweat glands to make us sweat. Sweat glands can pump out body heat in sweat. But if a baby sweat a lot more than other babies. He may have hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating on one or more parts of the body. When a baby has a fever, he also will sweat. There is also another possible disease that will cause sweat a lot, like malaria, heart disease, endocrine disorders, etc. 

2. Care tips

2.1 stay away from direct sunlight

  It's best to avoid going out in strong midday sun. If you are indoors, keep your baby safe, stay away from direct sunlight, or close the curtains. It will not only help control the baby's body temperature and prevent overheating but also can prevent sunburn of the skin. As babies' skins are more sensitive and delicate than adults they need extra care.

2.2 adjust room temperature

  Parents should control the room temperature through flexible adjustment. Put the baby in an air-conditioned room for easier adjustment of room temperature.

2.3 timely change clothes

  Parents should timely change clothes for babies depending on the changeable external environment. When the temperature is high, babies' need to wear some breathable, cool clothes. I highly recommend Kaiya Angel baby clothes. They have comfortable baby clothes made of bamboo fiber, including sleep sacks, baby rompers. Bamboo fiber is a highly breathable fabric that is stretchy, anti-bacterial, anti-mite. Babies' can wear it comfortably in hot summer days. Besides, bamboo fiber is also ventilated, moisture-absorbing.

2.4 see a doctor

  In an event you can't find the reason for the sweating of the baby. You can take the baby to see a doctor, to check if his/her body is healthy. All diseases are best achieved on early detection and early treatment.