Does your baby usually cry out? Sometimes, newborn cries when put down. What would you do when your baby can't stop crying? How to calm a fussy baby? New mothers always don't know what to do. How to soothe babies? Today's article will give your answers. Below are five typical ways for your references.

1. play some soothing music or white sounds

  Actually, babies don't like the totally silent environment. Because when babies were in mothers' wombs, they could hear the sound. Soothing music and white sounds can give babies a sense of security. They can easier to calm down and fall asleep.

2. safe swing for babies

  Some mothers took some activities while they were pregnant. So babies can feel the jiggling. This is a similar and safe feeling for them. Parents also will let their babies sleep in a cradle. Or gently scoop the baby up and place him/her in the arms. Then swing. 

3. suck a pacifier

  Most babies like sucking pacifiers or their thumbs. Because they depend on pacifiers and fingers for comfort. 

4. help your baby find a comfortable, safe sleep position

  Babies usually cry while they are feel uncomfortable. While they are lying on the bed, if they feel uncomfortable, they will easily cry. There are two ideal sleep positions: sleep on the back, sleep on the side. 

5. swaddle, wear a sleep sack

  This is an easy and basic way. Give your baby a suitable sleep sack to make him/her feel comfortable and secure. Below are some recommended sleep sacks.


  The first recommendation is this versatile sleep sack. It is designed for babies from newborns to six months. Why it is a versatile sleep sack? Because it is a 3in1 sleep sack. One item includes three different products: one sleeveless sleep sack, one swaddling band, one swaddling wing. Babies can wear the sleeveless sleep sack alone. Wearing a sleeveless sleep sack can help babies shake hands, and suck their thumbs more freely, more conveniently. Mothers can help their babies wear the swaddling wings. It can help babies sleep in a comfortable, natural sleep position: arms-up. The swaddling band also can give babies a good sense of security, help babies have a longer, more restful sleep.


  Different from the above 3in1 sleep sack. This thick sleep sack is both for babies and toddlers to wear. It has a split-leg design. Babies not only can wear it to sleep but also can wear it to crawl, walk. It is made of double layers of 100% cotton with padding that can offer every baby a warmer, cozier feeling. When babies feel comfortable. They wouldn't cry. Besides, parents were worried about their babies may kick the covers off while sleeping, and catch a cold. Wearing a sleep sack doesn't have this concern. All sleep sacks in our store have a two-way zipper. Parents can help their babies take on and off the sleep sacks easily. Especially in the middle of the night, they also can change babies' diapers conveniently, quickly.


  This is the newest item we have launched recently. The most attractive point of this sleep sack is the new prints: graffiti and pine. Both of these interesting prints will look perfect on your baby. About the fabric, we choose organic cotton which is natural, healthy, sustainable. It is not good for babies but also good for our planet. And this is a sleeveless sleep sack, you can help your baby wear it on summer days. The sleeveless design is good for cooler, and babies can exercise their hands more freely.