If a woman is pregnant, she will have to plan ahead. Like what a newborn should wear in daily life? What can a newborn dress while sleeping? What kinds of accessories does a newborn need? If this is the first time for you to be a mother, and you don’t know what things need to be prepared in advance. Then today’s article can give you a newborn baby clothing kits guide. Please kindly read on and check in the detail below. 

1. How to pick suitable newborn clothing?

  When a mother is shopping for new clothes for her baby. She can't only consider one thing. The price can not be separated from the quality. The below content then lists the main aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

1.1 Season

  Mothers have to dress their babies with the season. No matter indoors or outdoors. Temperatures vary with the season. As a new mother, you should be more careful. Don’t make your baby catch a cold, or overheat. Besides, temperatures vary not only seasonally but also from day to night. So parents need to help babies change clothes depending on different temperatures. 

1) warm, hot

  When the temperature is warm or hot, mothers can choose several thin layers of clothing that are breathable. The selection also can be started with the fabric. Bamboo fiber is a suitable fabric to make baby clothes for hot summer days wear. Because it is stretchy, anti-bacterial, and anti-mite. Below are two great baby clothes made of bamboo fiber from Kaiya Angel. The hygroscopic property is one of the main characteristics of bamboo fiber. It achieves a good effect in sweat. Babies always can feel comfortable while wearing them. Mothers can check them for references.


  According to its appearance, people can find that this is a cool item. It is a sleeveless and legs-free onesie, baby romper. Babies can shake arms and kick legs freely without restriction. Three snaps on the bottom are convenient for mothers to take it on and off, and change diapers, even in the middle of the night. 


  Newborns spend most of their time sleeping in one day. So they do need a good sleep sack. This wrap-around sleep sack is specially designed for newborn babies. The wrap-around closure simulates a uterine environment. As the womb is always a safe place for a baby. They can get a sense of security, and a similar feeling from it. Babies can wear it to have a restful sleep. 

2) cold

  When the temperature is cold, the key is to get a warm sleep sack. 2.5 TOG and 3.5 TOG sleep sacks made of two layers cotton with padding all can cozy up babies, give them warmth on cold winter days. 

1.2 Quality

  Compared to adults, babies are more sensitive and vulnerable. The products they use in daily life need to at a high quality. The quality of the products lies with how the suppliers decide to carry it out. First of all, they need to select superior raw materials that are natural, gentle to babies. Next, the designers should create a better version of the design, a wearer-friendly design. Finally, artisans finish the product through their techniques.  

1.3 Price

  A good-quality product also needs to have a good, reasonable price. The price is always the main consideration for people while shopping. People buy a baby product because it is not only good in quality but also reasonable in price. Only better quality, more competitive prices can attract potential buyers. 

2. Essential newborn accessories


  When a baby has the sign of teething, like drooling. It’s time to get a drool bib for him. Drool bibs can absorb drools, and protect babies from drool rash. Three adjustable snaps on the back that help mothers to take it on and off easier. It is a good item for daily use, also a good gift for giving. 


  Winter is coming. The best item for a baby now is a warm, cozy, thick sleep sack. This 2.5 TOG is a good choice that every mother can not miss. A long-sleeve design is also good for warm-keeping. While a baby is sleeping, the bottom is closed for more security. When a baby is able to learn to stand or walk. Then the bottom can be opened. Babies can peek their feet out and start to learn.