The New Year's bell is about to ring, is the New Year's gift ready? Whether people have babies or not? This article may be able to help. Parents can buy some new baby clothes for babies to wear. Babies all grow quickly. It's best to prepare in advance. If people don't have a baby yet, they also can get some inspiration for new year gifts for their friends or families by reading it. 
  What kind of things are necessary for a baby? It includes a lot. Like baby sleep sack, baby onesies long sleeve, baby accessories, etc. Babies have different needs in different seasons. A baby sweats on hot summer days or feels cold in winter. Parents should get proper wear for babies at any time. What's more, the fabric for baby clothes is also important. Next, the content will talk about it in detail.

1. what needs to pay attention to while buying a baby's essentials?

raw materials

  Almost all baby products are close to babies. Like baby clothes, diapers, pacifiers, etc. Babies suck and wear them every day. So the raw materials used to make baby products need to be skin-loving, natural, healthy. Different from adults, the baby's resistance is poor. Their skins are more sensitive, more delicate. Products with chemicals are readily to cause skin allergy, or even get them sick. 
  On the other hand, using environment-friendly fabrics is not only good for a baby's health but also friendly for all producers during the production. All suppliers have the responsibility to make the production ethical and safe.


  This is a necessary and basic requirement. Babies need to wear comfortable clothes. Firstly, every baby needs plenty of time to sleep while they are small. They should sleep in a comfortable, safe environment. Conversely, comfortable clothes can help them have a better, more restful, longer sleep. Wear comfortable clothes and keep the clothes clean. It is good for sleep, then every baby can have good development and growth.


  The functionality means the baby products should be versatile. A product to should have more than one usage or function. The products are designed and created for customers. They should satisfy all possible needs of babies. The next part will introduce some functional clothes.

good cost performance

  Besides the quality of the products, the price also needs to be friendly. After all, sometimes the price is the first consideration of most people while they are buying something. The products that have a good cost performance can be the first choice. 

2. products recommendations in Kaiya Angel


  If a mother wants to find a functional sleep sack, she can not miss this one that has three wearing methods. One sleep sack includes three items, one sleeveless sleep sack, one detachable swaddle wings, one removable waistband. Mothers can use them for the sleeping method they prefer, like arms-in, arms-out, arms-up. Buying this baby cloth at a reasonable price, what a great deal!  


  Winter is coming. The best item for a baby now is a warm, cozy, thick sleep sack. This 2.5 TOG is a good choice that every mother can not miss. A long-sleeve design is also good for warm-keeping. While a baby is sleeping, the bottom is closed for more security. When a baby is able to learn to stand or walk. Then the bottom can be opened. Babies can peek their feet out and start to learn. 


  This is another versatile sleep sack. It has detachable long sleeves and grow-with-me bottom. There are two zippers on the long sleeves, so the mothers can remove the sleeves or reinstall them freely depending on different needs. The grow-with-me bottom design offers the sleep sack a longer use time. When the baby is small, he can hind the legs in it. As time goes time, the baby grows, he can peek his feet out. 


  After recommending some sleep sacks, onesies are also the essential items that babies need to have. This long sleeves romper is made of soft waffle-knit cotton. It both has a distinctive appearance and a comfortable feeling. That is why it is one of the star products in the store. 


  Getting a long sleeves item, babies may also need a cool onesie for summer. Mothers can consider this sleeveless onesie. It is made of bamboo fiber that is highly breathable, stretchy, anti-bacterial, anti-mite. Because bamboo is a natural, sustainable material. 


  If people find the newborn sleeps with mouth open, it is not a good sign. Mouth breathing typically means that the newborn may not breathe well through the nose. Parents should find the reason for it and take some actions to resolve it.
  Allergies are the main reason. When babies find that they can not breathe through the nose easily, they will open their mouths to help. If parents make sure that babies have allergies, take them to see a doctor as soon as possible. 
  Another reason is the air indoors is dry. So babies feel their nose and mouth are dry. It could be easily solved, parents only need to buy a humidifier. 
  With every change of the seasons, babies are easier to catch a cold. Their noses will be stuffed, especially during the night. When the nose is badly stopped up, the baby only can open the mouth to help breathe. At this time, parents need to take babies to see a doctor at once.
  Parenting is always a required course, hope this article can help.