Breathable Fabric Clothes For Baby Wear

  A baby cloth has many different characteristics. Breathability is one of the most important essential characteristics. Today’s article will talk about this topic.

1. Why Choose Breathable Fabric?

1.1 Comfortable

  The breathable fabric can give babies a natural feel, and keep them comfortable. Compared to adults, babies are more prone to sweating. Especially in the afternoon, the skin temperature of babies will be at its highest, and then their pores will also be more open, babies will sweat more. If the baby clothes don’t breathe, the clothes will cling to the sweat that will make babies feel uncomfortable.

1.2 Prevent Cold

  On the other hand, evaporating perspiration is easier to causes colds. So the baby clothes fabric need to be ventilated, moisture-absorbing and perspiration. People need to sweat, because the baby’s sweat glands pump out body heat in sweat. If a baby can not perspire implying in hot weather, he/she may get sunstroke.

2. Kaiya Angel Breathable Baby Clothes

2.1 Fabric Selection

  For greater breathability, Kaiya Angel chooses 100% cotton, Pima cotton, bamboo fiber to make clothes. Cotton is a great raw material for clothes production, because it is natural, organic, eco-friendly, and breathable. Bamboo fiber is a new kind of fabric, it is green and environmental. All the fabrics have no stimulation to babies’ sensitive skin that makes a huge difference to the comfort level. Breathable cotton and bamboo fiber both have a great help for babies to have a better sleep.

2.2 Baby Clothes Recommendations


  This is a sleeping bag for elder babies or toddlers. They can stand, walk while wearing it. A split-leg design is good for freer movement. The bottom can cover the entire feet for better warm-keeping. Keeping the feet warm also can help reduce foot fatigue. Normally, if the lower limbs are not heated preservation, it basically rises from the feet. Warm the feet is necessary. Two-way zippers from top to bottom for a more convenient diaper change. Every zipper has a protector at the top that can help avoid causing any discomfort to babies. 1.0 TOG is a suitable degree for babies. They will feel lightweight and comfortable.


  This sleeping bag is similar to the above one. The main difference is that this one is short sleeves, and has some snaps on the bottom. The crotch of this sleeping bag is three-dimensional that can give babies more room for a more comfortable feeling. Snaps also can help parents change diapers easier, even in the middle of the night. There are three available colors of this product now: aster purple, gray morn, and shell. Sleeping bags in aster purple and gray morn are made of bamboo fiber. Sleeping bags in shell are made of 100% cotton. All colors are unisex for both baby girls and baby boys.


  This is a regular and classic romper. Different from the above two sleeping bags, these rompers are also suitable for newborns under 3 months. If the baby likes kicking legs, then this romper is suitable for him/her. It has a split-leg design, babies can move freer.

  This romper has a special personalized service. People can advise their babies’ names. Kaiya Angel will direct embroiders on the clothes. Born with a unique baby cloth, what a good present!


  Pull on closure on the waist that is easy to put on and off. These pants can be single wear, and also can be paired with rompers or vests. No matter how this pants with, it usually has a natural, matchable sense. The relaxed design also can offer babies a higher comfort level.

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