How long does a mother swaddle her baby?

  Parents of newborn babies should pay attention to a lot of things, like how to feed? How to keep warm? How to use a swaddle? How do learn new things? Today’s article will focus on how long does a mother swaddle her baby. New mothers don’t miss it.

1. Benefits of swaddling

1.1 Feel Secure

  Babies will always feel insecure after they leave the womb, leave that familiar environment. A sense of safety from birth is very important. Every parent needs to provide a sense of security for their babies. Swaddling newborn babies is one of the most efficient ways that can make them feel secure. Parents wrap their babies in different ways to offer a safe feeling.

1.2 Reduce The Risk of SIDS

  SIDS is sudden infant death syndrome. SIDS is one of the chief killers of infants under age one. Some studies show that SIDS is associated with many different reasons. Including sleep position, sleep environment, baby feeding, etc.

  Experts suggest promoting babies sleeping on the back to avoid compressing their hearts. Swaddling can help babies sleep with this position to cut the incidence of SIDS.

1.3 Have A Restful Sleep

  Babies sleep most of the time. Helping babies to have enough, good sleep is very important. This is closely related to babies’ physical and mental health. 

  Swaddling provides babies with a secure rest environment from outside. In this way, they can have a longer, restful sleep easier.

1.4 Soothe A Crying Baby

  Parents usually feel quite helpless when they face a crying baby. At this time, parents can try to swaddle their babies. Babies always can be comforted by swaddling. That's one of the most effective ways to smooth a crying baby. 

2. How long does a mother swaddle her baby?

  There is no specific time for a mother to swaddle her baby. It depends on babies. Different baby has different attitudes to swaddle. Some babies never like being swaddled, some don’t want to stop being swaddled, etc. Experts also say that don't have to stop swaddling if babies feel comfortable, happy with it. No matter when babies want to stop being swaddled at any time as they want.

3. High-quality swaddles recommendations

  There is a highly recommended, reliable supplier of baby clothing(including baby sleeping sacks, baby rompers, etc) - Kaiya Angel. Below are details of two typical swaddles for your references:


  The biggest selling point of this versatile sleeping bag is that it has a 3in1 swaddling method. Every swaddling method has its advantages.

1) ARMS UP: Natural, traditional, comfortable arms-up sleeping position, convenient for babies to suck on their fingers or stroke the cheeks for self-soothing.

2) ARMS IN: Wrapping a baby in a sleeping bag to give him/her a safe feeling to prevent startles. It is better to have a longer, more restful sleep.

3) ARMS OUT: Release babies’hands, no restraint on their upper bod More comfortable, freer in parent-child interaction.


  This swaddle is typical of the fabric choice - bamboo fiber. The properties of raw bamboo fiber are introduced as below:

1) It is a green and environmental protection fiber that is made through a physical method, without any chemical process. It is absolutely environment-friendly, sustainable.

2) Bamboo fiber is anti-acarien, anti-bacterial, deodorant, breathable. It can be produced to better absorbable and comfortable baby clothing.

3) Friendly, soft fabric that is comfortable for babies’sensitive skin. It's natural, gentle, hypo-allergenic.

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