SIDs has many causes, including parents letting babies sleep face down, baby sweating in sleep, baby overheating, etc. At this time, what should mothers do to avoid it? Don't worry, today we will talk about SIDs in detail.

1. What is SIDs?

  SIDs is sudden infant death syndrome. It is the leading killer of infants under one-year-old.  

2. How to avoid SIDs?

2.1 avoid second-hand smoke

  Adults do not smoke at home. But it is difficult to quit smoking for a while, you can go outside to smoke, do not let your baby inhale second-hand smoke. After finishing smoking and returning home, don't forget to change your clothes, wash your face and rinse your mouth before touching your baby. Don't let the residual smell of smoke affect your baby.

2.2 help your baby sleep on his/her back or side

  Some babies may have the habit of sleeping on their tummies. This is not conducive to keeping their breathing open. Besides, if babies spit up or spill milk, it also may increase the risk of aspiration, which can lead to choking. Therefore, as far as possible, help your baby sleep on his/her back or side.

2.3 put fewer things in the crib

  In addition to the necessary bedding, do not put too many things in your baby's crib, especially toys that babies may eat. Stuffed toys, blankets, pillows all can increase the risk of apnea. 

2.4 choose a safe mattress as much as possible

  If you are preparing a crib mattress for your baby, you can use a thin and hard one. This is safer. Try not to use a very soft mattress.

2.5 don't overdress your baby when sleeping

  When your baby sleeps, mothers should wear lightweight clothes, do not wrap too tightly, cover too thick. On one hand, it will make babies feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, it also will give babies excessive restraint.
  Depending on different seasons or situations, change different sleepwear for your babies accordingly. Like choosing breathable, light sleep sacks on hot summer days. Choosing cozy, thick sleep sacks on cold winter days. Below are some typical sleep sacks in Kaiya Angel that I would like to recommend to all mothers:
  This is a new sleep sack that is made of bamboo fiber. This fabric is breathable, suitable for summer wear. This one has three new colors, creamy white, dark pink, grayish blue. These three unisex colors are perfect for all babies, no matter boys or girls. And this is also a sleep sack that is designed for newborns. After birth, newborns are lack security. This sleep sack can give them a snug, safe feeling. It is ergonomic and has an anti-startle reaction. Babies can have a longer, more restful sleep.
  Different from the above newborn sleep sacks. This thick sleep sack has a wider size range. Babies and toddlers from 3 months to 2 years old all can wear it. And it has double-layer cotton with padding that is better for warm-keeping. There are two fold-over mitt-cuffs, babies don’t need gloves anymore. It not only can add warmth but also is protection from self-scratching.
  I highly recommend this sleeveless sleep sack. It is made of premium organic cotton. The sleeveless design is convenient for babies to move arms and hands. It also has two new prints: graffiti and pine. 

2.6 check your baby's sleeping condition from time to time

  Babies need to sleep alone in their cribs. But parents should not let them sleep alone for too long. They must always check the baby's sleep situation to decrease the risks and dangers.