A newborn baby is the embodiment of vulnerability. Parents need to pay more attention to their babies’ safety. Many factors can affect a baby’s condition, including sleep environment, positions, etc. Every parent needs to be more careful while caring for a baby and considering all parties involved. Some first-time moms and dads may ask what they can do if they don’t know what things are dangerous to babies. Today’s article will offer some suggestions and sleep solutions for them to learn how to avoid the danger that will happen and sleep mistakes during a baby's sleep. 
  Actually, The American Academy of Pediatrics already has launched the ABC’s principle of safe sleep at a baby’s sleep time. What are the ABC’s means? A for Alone, babies need to sleep alone. B for Back, babies should sleep on their backs. C for Crib, babies sleeping in a crib is better than sharing the same bed with parents.
  The below content will introduce them in detail.

1. Sleep in a right sleep position

  Babies always have various sleep positions. There are three main typical types: sleep on the back, sleep on the stomach, and sleep on the side. According to the experts, babies are better to choose to sleep on their back. Compared to other wired sleep positions, this is safer. At this time, what can the parents do? If parents find their babies sleeping in the wrong position, they need to help babies to correct it. Because sleeping in the wrong sleep position may cause danger. For example, when a baby sleeps on his stomach or side, he may not breathe. And this is dangerous, as babies are too small to move or roll over by themselves. 

2. Avoid using blankets or pillows

  Parents want to make their babies feel more comfortable and warmer, and they will choose to use blankets and pillows. But these two things can both bring babies to danger. Especially when the blankets and pillows are over babies’ faces, babies may suffocate.
  Parents can choose to use a sleep sack if they want to cozy up babies. Different aged babies have different needs for sleep sacks. Below are some excellent sleep sacks for all-aged babies.

Front Opening Zip Up Swaddle

  The front-opening sleep sack is a perfect sleep sack for newborn babies. Because it has an ergonomic design with an anti-startle reaction that can help babies sleep better. Babies can have a sense of security, and then they can sleep comfortably and longer. Babies will sleep on their backs and have the arms-up sleep position in this sleep sack.
  Besides, this sleep sack has a two-way zipper. Parents can take on and off this sleep sack conveniently, and change diapers quickly, easily, even in the middle of the night.
  At the same time, the bottom of the sleep sack is also big enough for more unrestricted movement. Babies can kick legs in it as they prefer.  

Weighted Sleep Sack With Sleeves 2.5 TOG

  After introducing the above sleep sack for newborn babies. Next is a sleep sack for older babies or toddlers. This 2.5 TOG sleep sack can cozy or warm up babies on cold winter days. And for toddlers, it is time to learn how to stand or walk. There is an opened bottom design. Mothers can open the bottom by the zipper at any time. Toddlers can peek their feet out and start to exercise. 

Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

  This baby's long-sleeved sleep sack in cameo pink, whisper green, and shell is versatile. It has detachable long sleeves and opened bottom. Babies can wear it as a sleeveless sleep sack or a long sleeves sleep sack. And at the beginning, babies can hide their feet in the bottom. And as time goes by, the baby grows. He can peek his feet out to learn to stand and walk.

excellent sleep sacks

Front Opening Zip Up Swaddle
Weighted Sleep Sack With Sleeves 2.5 TOG
Front Opening Long Sleeve Sleep Sack

3. Share the same room with parents

  Mothers all want to be closer to babies and sleep together with them. Sharing the same bed is not recommended. After falling asleep, adults will lose consciousness, and they may roll over or move unconsciously. So they will hurt babies easily. That’s why experts suggest parents let their babies sleep alone in a crib next to their bed in the same room. Do room sharing, not bed-sharing. 

  Usually, under the following conditions, babies will be more dangerous. - The baby is less than 12 weeks old. - There are many pillows, quilts, and other bedding in the bed. - Sleeping in the bed with a pet or another baby. - Parents smoke. - Parents are using drugs, alcohol, or medication that makes them feel sleepy. - Parents are very tired or exhausted.

4. Wear comfortable baby clothes and diapers

  If a baby wears uncomfortable, unsuitable baby clothes or diapers, he may not fall asleep or has poor sleep quality at night. Babies are not like adults. They have more sensitive and delicate skins that are easier to get allergic to. So the quality of baby clothes that mothers choose needs to be high. The fabric should be green, natural, organic, eco-friendly, and kind to babies’ skin. Kaiya Angel insists on selecting these kinds of materials to produce baby products. Then will recommend some baby clothes for mothers. In winter, not only baby clothes but also baby accessories can help keep a baby warm.

Long Sleeves Button Utility Romper

  This long-sleeved romper is one of the top-selling baby products in the store. It is made of waffle-knit cotton that has a unique appearance and touch. Most mothers love it. This romper is soft and elastic. Babies can feel comfortable while wearing it. It can be worn single and also can be worn with sleep sacks. There are some buttons and taps on the top and the bottom. Parents can take it on and off conveniently. And making the diaper changing more uncomplicated and quickly is essential for a baby. 

Organic Baby Ruffles Romper Vest

  This romper is not only easy and comfortable to wear but also has an adorable ruffle design, which can elevate your baby’s cuteness. These rompers are made of 100% organic cotton, which is safe for babies to wear.

Zipper Romper Baby Footie Pajamas

  These footie rompers have two different types. Solid-colored rompers are made of bamboo fiber that is breathable and buttery-soft. Printed rompers are made of organic cotton that is organic and sustainable.
  No-slip grippers on built-in footies can help your baby against falls. The split-leg design is suitable for toddlers to wear. Toddlers usually begin to learn to walk. 

5. Set a suitable room temperature

  Attention to the indoor temperature, don’t let the baby feel too hot or too cold; both can cause the baby to catch a cold. Parents need to take some actions to set a suitable room temperature for babies. 

6. Don’t place the baby in a dangerous place

  If babies are sleeping on the couch, sofa, chair, etc. It is dangerous, and they may fall and get hurt.
  A baby crib is a suitable choice. The baby’s crib or bassinet must be sturdy and meet safety standards. Do not put the crib next to a curtain cord or baby monitor rope. The baby may risk being strangled by the rope, which is very dangerous.

7. Swaddle the baby

  Swaddling or wrapping a baby in a sleep sack can give your baby a sense of security and make him sleep better. But be careful not to wrap your baby's hips and legs too tightly and leave some room for your baby to be naturally placed in a frog-legged position or kick legs freely. Most importantly, the swaddled baby must lie on his back; better to sleep in the arms up position.

8. Keep the air fresh and clean

  Provide your baby with a well-ventilated sleeping room. The air should not be stuffy or unfresh.

9. Breastfeeding

  Some experts usually encourage and support mothers to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is also a very important factor in keeping babies safe in their sleep. Breastfed babies are significantly less likely to die unexpectedly during sleep than babies who are not breastfed. And mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their babies until the baby is 6 months old. The study found that the more and closer to exclusive breastfeeding, the lower the risk of SIDS.

10. Use a pacifier

  Parents can consider giving their baby a pacifier at bedtime. The pacifier can reduce the risk of accidents during sleep for newborns. Even if the pacifier is spitting out during sleep, the protective effect of the pacifier is still not diminished. Using a pacifier can make it easier for the newborn to wake up, and it may also help keep the airway of your baby open.