There is a question that has plagued many mothers for a long time - how to help baby sleep well at night? People often hear such familiar monologues as my newborn can not sleep in a bassinet, my newborn is fighting sleep, my newborn can not sleep well at night, etc.  
  As it is known to all that sleep is an essential bodily function. So, what specific benefits does good sleep have? How do you help the baby sleep well at night? Today, we are going to talk about these two questions in detail as below. 

1. Why is my baby not sleeping well at night?

  If your baby loves to roll over after falling asleep. It is not necessarily a manifestation of disease. It may mean that the baby does not sleep deeply or sleep well. It may be the following reasons.

1.1 The sleeping bed or baby crib is uncomfortable.

  If the quilted pad is not flat or too thick, the baby clothes are too hard, too tight, etc., your baby will feel uncomfortable and roll around.

1.2 Have excessive excitement during the day.

  The nervous system of a baby is more fragile. If the baby is too excited during the day or is unexpectedly frightened, his brain may not be utterly calm after going to bed at night. So the baby may lack deep sleep. Sometimes, he will cry.

1.3 Overeating before going to bed.

  Some parents are always worried that their babies do not eat enough. And they will let their babies eat more before going to bed at night. When a baby’s stomach is full after bedtime, he will feel uncomfortable and can not fall asleep easily.

1.4 colic

  Infant colic will cause the baby to frequent crying. Constant crying makes babies can not sleep well at night.

2. Why do babies need high-quality sleep?

2.1 benefit in physical and moral health

  Sleep is particularly important, especially for babies. Their bodies and brains are undergoing growth. Sleep also can help every baby to build up a strong immune system. The job of the immune system is to fight infections, kill germs, and protect the baby’s health. 
  Babies with good sleep quality can have enough growth hormones that can help convert body fat into muscle energy. It can enhance protein synthesis, make your baby’s muscles more muscular and more powerful, and help bones grow. Babies can grow taller and stronger.
  When a baby sleeps, his muscle is at low activity. And the metabolism and energy consumption in his body is also decreased. Thus his body can have a good rest and slowly regain strength.

2.2 promote growth and development

  Good sleep is the guarantee of a good rest. A good rest can promote babies’ growth and development. Good early development of an infant is the basis.  

2.3 improve well-being and elevate mood

  As an adult, boosting a baby’s mood is also necessary. Sometimes, babies burst out crying. There are many possible reasons why they cry. Babies may be hungry, may feel uncomfortable, may be unhappy, etc. A good sleep sometimes can cure it because it could elevate babies’ moods. 

2.4 emotional regulation

  Some studies have shown that sleep helps babies’ social development. If the baby has a "rapid eye movement period" during naps or bedtime, he will be more positive after waking up. It is very important for babies’ social development. When a baby interacts with others, he needs to understand the meaning of other's expressions. Otherwise, misunderstandings or arguments will easily occur. In addition, the relaxation of muscle tension during sleep also helps stabilize babies’ emotions. This is why babies who have slept well are less likely to have trouble getting up.

2.5 cognitive development

  The baby's brain is still busy organizing the stimuli that it has been exposed to during the day while sleeping. Many studies have shown that babies learn things not only when they are awake but also when they are sleeping.
  Sleep deprivation can easily cause your baby to lose focus and interest in things, which can lead to many problems in learning and interpersonal relationships.

3. How to help the baby sleep well at night?

3.1 get the baby a sleep sack

  This is a traditional, basic method. Get a sleep sack for your baby. 

1) Different aged babies have different needs for sleep sacks.

  For example, newborns like to be swaddled. Because they are unfamiliar with the new world. They need to find a sense of security from a sleep sack or swaddling. On the other hand, the sleep sacks for newborns are better to have an ergonomic design with an anti-startle reaction. Newborns can feel safe and relaxed, and then they can have a better, more restful sleep. If you want to give your newborns more safety, you can learn how to swaddle your baby or buy a swaddling sleep sack for them.
  Check Kaiya Angel’s “Swaddling Sleep Sacks” collection, you can find an ideal and qualified newborn sleep sack for your baby. And I highly recommend Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton. It is the newest one in our store. Why is this sleep sack new? Our designer added mesh cotton to it, which can help lose heat and protect a baby from being overheated. In addition, we have special requirements for the baby sleep sack security. From the fabric quality to product design, we try our best to keep every aspect safe. The sleep sacks are made of 100% organic, safe material that is suitable and qualified for babies to wear.
  Some older babies or toddlers prefer to be comfortable while sleeping in a sleep sack. In winter, they would love the sleep sack that can cozy them up and offer good warmth for them.
  Some babies will kick the quilt when they are sleeping. It is easy to catch a cold the day. After sleeping with a sleep sack, parents don’t need to be worried about it anymore.
  Older babies are more suitable to wear “Transitional Sleep Sacks” and “Independent Sleep Sacks”.

Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

Features & Benefits:

  • TOG 0.5: comfortable for a restful sleeping.
  • Ergonomic with anti-startle reaction: for a longer, restful sleep.
  • Two-way zip: for easier take on and off, diaper changing.
  • Organic cotton mesh on arms and legs: easy to let heat out.
  • Enough space in the bottom: for baby to kick legs freely.
  • Fit neckline designed: to prevent suffocation.
  • Organic cotton on the chest and abdomen: ward off colds.

2) Babies need sleep sacks of varying thicknesses in different seasons.

  People usually select sleep sacks according to the TOG ratings. The higher the tog rating, the more warmth your baby can get.
  There are four different TOG ratings in Kaiya Angel.
0.5 tog sleep sacks
1.0 tog sleep sacks
2.5 tog sleep sacks
3.5 tog sleep sacks

  0.5 tog sleep sacks are lightweight and cool that is good for wearing in summer. 1.0 tog sleep sacks are perfect for four seasons that can be worn all year round. 2.5 tog sleep sacks and 3.5 tog sleep sacks are thicker and warmer that is more suitable to wear in winter.
  Zip Thicken 2.5 TOG Sleep Sack With Sleeves is one of the best-selling sleep sacks in our store. It is super warm and cozy. The one-piece design can wrap the baby’s whole body and give him enough warmth. In addition, babies also can hide their hands in the folded cuffs of the sleep sack. Babies can be easier to sleep well at night because they get enough comfort and safe feelings.

3.2 try to wean the night feedings

  Does your baby usually wake up at night? They may be starving. And you should feed them. After a baby reaches a certain age, the doctor will suggest stopping night feedings. Mothers can start to reduce them gradually. In many cases, babies are just habituated to eating at night. They don’t really want to eat. Weaning the night feedings could help both you and your baby to sleep the whole night.

3.3 create a perfect sleep environment

  A lousy sleep environment can always contribute to poor sleep. A good sleep environment should be quiet, dark, warm, safe, and comfortable. 
  Let’s talk about safety first. Parents want their babies to sleep by their side for more convenient care. But sleeping next to adults in the same bed is dangerous for babies. Babies may get injured while their parents are turning over. The best way is to let the baby sleep in a crib next to your bed in the same room. 
  Next, parents also need to stable the room temperature. The temperature can not be too high or too low. Both can cause the baby to get a cold. The baby’s sleepwear should be changed seasonally. Wearing breathable, cool sleep sacks on hot summer days. Wearing warm, cozy sleep sacks on cold winter days. 
  Turn off the light when your baby is ready to sleep because the light will give a cue to the brain that it is time to wake up. Your baby will have great difficulty getting off to sleep with the light on. At the same time, keep the room relatively quiet. 

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