Everybody knows that babies need parenting. But not everybody goes the right way. Somebody even uses the wrong methods. Each stage of growth and development is important for babies. It is necessary for all parents to study correct, good parenting skills.
  Below are some baby advice for new parents, hope can modify your parenting.

1. Physiological

1.1 soft touch

  What you will do while your baby is crying. You can scoop the baby up in your arms, and pat him/her gently. Parents should be slow, gentle, tender at every baby contact point. Because babies are vulnerable. Babies' muscles, bones, and viscera are not developed and get hurt easily.

1.2 sleep in the right sleep position

  Babies sleep in the wrong sleep position or share beds with parents both will increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Parents should help their babies to have the right sleep position. Babies are better to sleep on their backs. It can help them breathe freer, and decrease the risk of suffocation. 

1.3 feeding

  Breastfeeding is the basic, and best feeding practice. It has many advantages.
1) Improve infant survival rates.
2) Babies can get the nutrients they need.
3) Shorten the distance between mothers and babies.

1.4 choose suitable sleepwear

  Good sleepwear can help babies to sleep better. What kinds of baby clothes are good for sleeping? Next, I will recommend some products for your reference.


  This is a new product that is made of bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber is a breathable fabric. And it is softer than cotton. Babies can get more comforts after wearing it. At the same time, its hygroscopicity can reach 13%-15%. Babies' sweats can be exhausted quickly. Parents don’t need to worry babies to get a cold.
  Besides the fabric, the design of this sleep sack is also attractive. It is ergonomics, babies can sleep more comfortably, and get more security. Every baby can have a longer, more restful sleep. Parents also can get more time to take a rest at night.


  It is a versatile sleep sack. You can find it through its name: 3in1 sleep sack. Because this product has three items in it. One sleeveless sleep sack, one swaddling band, one swaddling wing. Mothers can use them to help babies to sleep in different sleeping positions: arms-up, arms-in, arms-out. 1.0 TOG is suitable for all-year wear. 


  It is winter now. A cozy sleep sack is necessary. This is a thick sleep pack for winter. It has double-layer cotton with padding. Babies can get enough warmth. The cuffs can be folded. Babies can hide their hands in it. No need to wear extra gloves. The bottom has plenty of room, your little one can kick legs in it freely. And there is also a zipper on the bottom. It is convenient for mothers to open it, and change diapers for babies, even in the middle of the night. 
  There is a seat-belt slot on the back. Mother can easily transfer babies between stroller, car seat, etc. 

2. Psychological

2.1 provide babies enough sense of security

  Babies always feel insecure. Because this is an unfamiliar world for them. They feel scared easily. At this time, parents should provide babies enough sense of security, let them feel at ease.

2.2 talk more gently

  Talking to babies gently, slowly. Mothers' voices are similar to babies. They can easily recognize. Speaking too loudly would scare the baby. 

2.3 give more encourages

  Encouragement from parents is important for a baby. It always can help build confidence.