Sensitive periods are periods of baby development. During each specific sensitive period, the baby has a specific powerful capacity. They are able to do learn new things quickly. Sometimes, after this time, these powers will disappear. 
  How to recognize sensitive periods in your baby's development? What are the stages of language development? When my baby can read? Parents will be confused about these questions. Let's talk about sensitive periods today. 

1. Light sensitive period (0-3 months)

  After birth, newborns moved from a dark place to a bright place. So they are not familiar with the new environment, and are very sensitive to the light. Babies always can not distinguish between day and night. Parents should help them to figure out the differences. Draw the curtains and the sunlight flooded in during the day. Let babies feel this light. Turn off the light at night when it's time to go to bed. Help your baby to feel and adapt to the natural light changes.
  Besides, parents also can show babies some black and white pictures to satisfy babies' visual nerves. 

2. Taste sensitive period (4 months-7 months)

  In the beginning, newborns usually eat tasteless food. Because sauce may be unhealthy for them. When your baby for six months, you can add some complementary foods. And complementary foods need to be adequate and safe. Babies can taste sweet, salty, sour, etc gradually. At the same time, parents also need to be sure to pay attention to the hot taste. Don’t let your baby try it to protect the sensitivity of taste sensation. 

3. Oral sensitive period (4 months-12 months)

  After 4 months, some parents will change a sleeveless sleep sack for their babies to let them self-soothe easily. Babies will suck thumbs, and eat their fingers. Because they are using their mouths to feel some things. You don't need to stop them.
  Babies' teeth usually appear at between 4 and 7 months. Parents also can give them a teether to practice how to chew. 

4. Arm development sensitive period (6 months-12 months)

  At this time babies start to like to throw things. This is the earliest standard of hand-eye coordination development. Parents can stand nearby to protect babies from getting hurt. Doing some exercises is a great help for babies' physical development.
  For more convenient exercises, babies need convenient clothes. 


  My first recommendation is this front long opening sleep sack with detachable long sleeves. Its two long sleeves are removable. You can remove or reinstall them at any time. Buy one item get two different sleep sacks: one long-sleeve sleep sack or one sleeveless sleep sack. After removing, babies can exercise their arms freer. 


  Next, I will recommend the other sleeveless sleep sack for winter wear. On cold winter days, babies need a thick sleep sack. This heated sleep sack is made of double-layer cotton with padding. Babies can get enough warmth. Parents don't need to worry that babies may get a cold.
  Besides, the bottom of these two sleep sacks both can be opened. This design is very convenient for parents to change diapers for babies, even in the middle of the night. Babies' skins are sensitive, delicate. So there is a zipper protector at the top of the zipper. It helps avoid dangers or causing any discomfort to babies. 


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