Giving birth and raising a healthy baby is always not an easy thing. Especially for first time parent. So today's article offers some advice for new parents about how to raise a child up. The proper way is necessary for a baby, a child to grow healthy. Let's check the ways in detail as below.

1. help your baby follow a balanced diet, have a balanced nutrition

  Eating right will help your growing baby stay healthy and strong. In the beginning, breast milk is a perfect food for a baby. Because there are many advantages of breastfeeding. 
1.1 It can minimize the risk of SIDs.
1.2 Breast milk is easily digested.
1.3 Breastfeeding can provide babies with the energy and nutrients they need. Because breast milk naturally contains vitamins and minerals.
  After 6 months old, parents can start to add complementary. Make sure your baby is getting a balanced diet. Try to help babies eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. At the same time, don't forget to supplement their protein.

2. help your baby regularly wash their hands

  Babies and children always have a curiosity about the world around them. They would like to explore, touch all sorts of new things that they could never have seen before. So their hands will pick up germs easily. That's why you need to help your baby to form the habit of washing their hands regularly. 

3. promote the baby's vaccination on time

  Compared to adults, babies have lower resistance and immunity. They are especially prone to catching influenza. Babies need to be vaccinated against the flu. 

4. help your baby build the simple dental care habits

  Babies usually start to teethe after four months. When your baby has teeth, you should start to care about dental health problems. So babies need to build a simple dental care habit in their everyday life.
4.1 Pay attention to what your baby eats. When your baby is eating sweet foods, the acid will damage his/her teeth every time.
4.2 The regular use of fluoride toothpaste, and a soft-bristled toothbrush that fits the mouth comfortably to brush your baby's teeth.
4.3 See a dentist regularly. 

5. baby has a good sleep routine and a good sleep

  Why does your baby need a good sleep? When babies don't get enough sleep, they will be at an increased risk of health and growth problems. How to help your baby have a good sleep?
5.1 set a good sleep routine
  Having a good sleep routine can help babies to have regular, restful sleep.
5.2 have a good sleep sack
  If you want your baby to have a good sleep. A good sleep sack is also necessary. Below are some recommended sleep sacks in Kaiya Angel for all aged babies, including newborns and toddlers.


  This is an upgraded version of a classic FRONT OPENING ZIP UP SWADDLE 1.0 TOG. Kaiya Angel makes the new items of a new natural fabric - bamboo fiber. This fabric is more breathable, cooler. 0.5 TOG design is lightweight for newborns. It is good for wearing on hot summer days. Parents can prepare it in advance for your little one.


  The above sleep sack is suitable for newborns. And this one is designed for toddlers. This is also one of the most popular sleep sacks in our online store. Its long sleeves are detachable. Mothers can take them on and off at any time. Buy one item, your baby can have two sleep sacks. One long-sleeve sleep sack, and one sleeveless sleep sack. What a great deal!


  Last but not the least, a winter sleep sack. This sleep sack is thicker than the normal 1.0 TOG sleep sack. It is 3.5 TOG that is warm and cozy for cold winter days. Babies can get enough warmth while sleeping after wearing it.

6. baby need to wear sunscreen all the time

  Babies have ultra-sensitive, ultra-delicate skins, they are easier to get an attack of sunburn. So they need to wear sunscreen all the time, even during the winter.