What is a TOG rating? How to choose the right sleep sack?

  Babies love to kick the quilt. Parents usually need to worry about their babies every night to kick down the quilt to catch a cold easily. There is also a potential risk that your baby may roll up the quilt to cover his face. So parents often need to get up repeatedly to check on their babies. Both adults and babies do not sleep well. 

  At this time, we have to mention a baby care tool is - sleep sacks. But how to choose the right sleep sack? Below is a buying guide and some recommendations for sleep sacks for your reference. You should pay attention to two main aspects:

  • Material
  • TOG

1. Material

  Compared to adults, the baby’s skin is much more delicate and sensitive. Adults can resist bacteria and viruses. But for babies, it quickly leads to skin allergies. It is imperative when you choose the sleep sack for your baby. The quality of sleep sacks will cause harm to the baby's skin. The improper laundry will also irritate the skin of infants and toddlers.

  Our top pick is organic cotton.

1.1 What is the difference between regular cotton, organic cotton, and synthetic fibers?

  In simple terms, the main differences between regular cotton and organic cotton are the methods of cultivation. For example, growers of organic cotton follow sustainable farming methods. In contrast, growers of regular cotton use pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to plant.

  For more information about organic cotton, you can check the below link:

Why is organic cotton better than regular cotton?

organic cotton vs regular cotton

  On the other hand, synthetic fibers are used to replace natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk. These synthetic fibers are made of chemicals. Common synthetic fibers include polyester, nylon, vinylon, etc. People will feel uncomfortable wearing these artificial fiber clothing, and so do babies.

1.2 advantages of organic cotton

  • anti-allergic
  • suitable for babies’ sensitive skin
  • Buttery soft
  • will not cause itching
  • more absorbent
  • good for sustainable agricultural technologies
  • promote the health of the planet  

2. TOG

2.1 what is tog? - tog definition

  What does tog mean on sleep sacks? TOG is short of the thermal overall grade. The higher the tog rating, the more warmth your baby can get.

  Please kindly check the below sleep sack tog chart.

sleep sack tog chart kaiya angel

2.2 How to choose the tog?

  There are 4 tog ratings in Kaiya Angel.

  • 0.5 tog sleep sacks

  0.5 tog sleep sacks are single layer. You can pick these sleep sacks when the room temperature is between 24-27℃/75-80℉. If you don't know what tog sleep sack for summer, the 0.5 TOG sleep sack is an ideal choice.

Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

  This is a new sleep sack for newborn babies with an ergonomic design with an anti-startle reaction. It can help the baby to find a similar feeling when he is in the mother’s womb. The baby can get a sense of security to have a more restful, better sleep. The organic cotton mesh on the arms and legs is designed to help the baby to let heat out easier on hot summer days. Parents don’t need to worry that their babies may be overheated.

Organic Newborn Sleep Sacks With Mesh Cotton

Short Sleeves Baby Sleep Sack With Mesh Cotton

  This short sleeves sleep sack also has organic cotton mesh on the back that also can make babies feel cooler. Besides, it has a wider range of sizes than the above newborn sleep sack. Newborns and toddlers from 0 months to 24 months both can wear it. The two-way zipper on the bottom can help parents to change diapers for their babies more conveniently.

Short Sleeves Baby Sleep Sack With Mesh Cotton

  • 1.0 tog sleep sacks

  1.0 tog sleep sacks are double-layer with 20g polyester padding. You can pick these sleep sacks when the room temperature is between 20-24℃/68-75℉.

Organic Sleeveless Sleeping Sacks For Toddlers 1.0 TOG

  The sleeveless design is convenient for babies to self-soothe. And the bottom also leaves plenty of room for them to kick their legs. It can promote to development of babies’ limbs and is good for their growth and development. About the selection of zippers, we choose the two-way, trusted, worldwide YKK zipper. YKK, as the king of zippers in the zipper industry, its zippers are not only smooth and easy to pull but also safe and secure. Parents don't need to worry about the safety of the sleep sacks. And they also can do diaper changing easier. On the other hand, there is a zipper protector at the top of every zipper. It helps avoid causing any discomfort to babies.

Organic Sleeveless Sleeping Sacks For Toddlers 1.0 TOG

  1.0 tog sleep sacks are the best choice for babies to wear all year round. Babies can sleep with 1.0 tog sleep sacks in four seasons.

  • 2.5 tog sleep sacks

  2.5 tog sleep sacks are double-layer with 60g polyester padding. You can pick these sleep sacks when the room temperature is between 16-20℃/61-68℉.

Zip Thicken 2.5 TOG Sleep Sack With Sleeves

  It is the best-selling sleep sack in our store. What tog sleep sack for winter? 2.5 TOG sleep sacks are suitable for winter. This sleep sack is thick enough to offer a baby warmth. The primary function of the baby's winter sleeping bag is to keep warm. So it is an ideal sleep sack. Every baby can feel cozy, snug, and have better warm-keeping. The special fold-over mitt-cuffs are designed for babies to be warmer. Babies can hide their hands in the cuffs to prevent getting a cold. The seat-belt slot on the back can help parents transfer their babies between stroller, car seat, etc., easily.

Zip Thicken 2.5 TOG Sleep Sack With Sleeves

Thicken Long Sleeves Split-leg Sleep Sack

  The biggest difference between the split-leg sleep sack and the above long-sleeve sleep sack is the bottom. The split-leg sleep sack is more suitable for babies who are at the age of six months. The split-leg sleeping bag is practical. Babies can wriggle up in the bed. It will not cause constraints. Babies can move more flexibly, more freely. It is also convenient for babies who are starting to learn how to stand and walk.

Thicken Long Sleeves Split-leg Transitional Swaddle Sack 2.5 TOG

Sleeveless Thicken Heated Sleeping Bag 2.5 TOG

  This 2.5 tog sleeveless sleep sack is not only good for keeping babies warm but also is easy to pair with other rompers in different prints. There are eight available prints on the website now: shell, pine, graffiti, bacca pink, bacca mint, creamy mushroom, starry night, and galaxy supernova.

kaiya angel prints

  • 3.5 tog sleep sacks

  3.5 tog sleep sacks are double-layer with 100g polyester padding. You can pick these sleep sacks when the room temperature is between 14-16℃/57-61℉.

  3.5 tog sleep sacks are thicker than the above 2.5 tog sleep sacks. 3.5 tog is a suitable choice for cold days. I don’t suggest the thickness of the sleep sack be too thick. Because it is easy to cause your baby to be overheated. Overheating may increase the risk of SIDS.

  If you want to find a perfect sleep sack for your baby, it is necessary to learn the definition of tog and how to choose a suitable tog.

  In short, sleep sacks are easy-to-wear, soft. It is not only good for newborns but also for toddlers to wear at night. Wearing sleep sacks can help prevent babies from kicking off the quilts and causing colds. Parents also do not have to worry that their babies may get colds. They also can have enough sleep and rest during the night. Four-season sleep sacks can protect the baby from being too cold or too hot. Sleeveless sleep sacks can release the baby's hands and not easily cause a sense of bondage. Babies always feel free and comfortable.

Zip Thicken Winter Sleep Sack 3.5 TOG

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