In the beginning, milk from the mother's breast is the perfect food for a baby. because there are many advantages of breastfeeding. Like breast milk contains natural vitamin D, nutrition. Breastfeeding is also good for minimizing the risk of SIDs. Babies of different ages have different baby stages of food. As time goes by, your baby becomes older. Mothers can start to add complementary. WHO usually recommends that infants are better start receiving complementary foods at six months of age in addition to breast milk. 
  What kinds of complementary foods should mothers choose? How to provide nutrition for infants? This article will talk about it today in detail. Mothers can read the below information for references.

1. What kinds of complementary foods should mothers choose?

1.1 calcium supplement

  Your growing baby needs a considerable amount of calcium to help develop. It helps babies build strong bones and teeth. Dairy products are the primary food source of calcium. If your baby is not allergic to cow milk, you can let him/her drink some milk every day.

1.2 organic food

  Organic food is unadulterated food produced without artificial chemicals or pesticides. It is healthy and tasty, full of natural nutrition. And babies are usually physically poor and vulnerable. They need to eat safer foods.

1.3 iron supplement

  Foods that contain iron are essential nutrients that babies' bodies need to maintain health. Iron-rich foods include beef, beans, lentils, dark green leafy vegetables. Mother can consider adding these foods into your baby's complementary foods.

1.4 protein

  Both babies and adults need enough protein to build their bodies up. Containing protein delegate food is soja and bean products.

2. enjoy the sun and do some exercises

  Besides food supplements the body. Taking your baby to enjoy the sun and do some exercises are also good for their growth and development.
  Nature gives people a good source of vitamin D, and that is the sun. But being exposed to direct sunlight too much, or the sunshine is too strong both can easily get your baby sunburnt. Parents should pay more attention to this.
  Doing exercises is a good thing for babies. It strengthens all the muscles of the body. Regular exercise also can help to keep your baby in good health. Parents are better to watch their babies in case they get too tired or get injured.

3. have a good sleep

  Good sleep is an essential component of good health and growth. Sleep sacks are necessary items for sleep. Babies need typical sleep sacks at different ages.


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  All sleep sacks in our store have a two-way zipper for easier take on and off. There is also a zipper protector to prevent babies from feeling uncomfortable.