What should a newborn wear to sleep under a sleeping sack?

  All parents want to help their babies to get a good night's sleep. Establishing a good sleep habit, having a restful sleep not only is good for babies’ growth and development but also can take some load off for parents. In this way, parents also can get a good rest at night.  

  A suitable sleeping sack is necessary for a baby to have a good sleep. What baby wear to sleep under a sleeping sack is another important consideration for more comfort. Choose to wear pajamas or sleeping onesies? Today’s article is going to share all information. Below are some influencing factors that have a real impact on what should babies wear under a sleeping sack.

1. TOG DegreeOf The Sleeping Sacks

  The TOG means thermal overall grade, it is a measure of thermal insulance of a unit area, also known as thermal resistance. Most parents will use TOG to measure how insulating and thick a sleeping sack is. Normally, the higher the TOG of a sleeping sack, the thicker a baby needs to wear under it. In order to provide warmth for babies to help them avoid catching a cold.

  In Kaiya Angel, now we have three available degrees of TOG: 1.0 TOG, 2.5 TOG, 3.5 TOG. Different TOG of sleeping sacks needs to wear different clothes to match.

  For example, a baby needs to wear a long-sleeve pajama and a long-sleeve onesie under a 3.5 TOG sleeping sack. A 1.0 TOG sleeping sack is suitable for wearing one long-sleeve pajamas.

  Below are two typical sleeping sacks from Kaiya Angel:

1) Wrap-Around Zip Personalized Swaddle 1.0 TOG

  This special swaddle is made of bamboo fiber that is highly breathable, stretchy, anti-bacterial, anti-mite. Breathability and comfort are always important for a baby’s sleep. It is a suitable fabric for newborn use.

  Humanized wrap-around design simulates the uterine environment, give babies a safe feeling to calm them and have a better sleep.

2) Sleeveless Thicken Heated Sleeping Bag 3.5 TOG

  This sleeveless sleeping bag is made of 100% cotton. It is super-soft, super-comfortable, and has no static electricity. This is definitely a comfort level that most people miss a lot. Babies will love it.

  This thicken heated sleeping sack also can effectively keep babies warm while wearing to protect them from sickness.

2. Room Temperature And Humidity

  Babies stay indoors most of the time. Parents need to control the room temperature to a suitable degree. And they also need to pay attention to ventilation and humidity room. Hot or humid environments can easily make babies sweat. When they wake up, their bodies are dehydrated and need liquid.

  If the baby room is controlled under an ideal temperature. Parents may not pay more attention to how to dress their babies under a sleeping sack. It is sufficient enough to offer the baby a perfect sleeping environment.

3. Reaction Of The Baby

  How to know that the babies wear under a sleeping sack is suitable? The direct approach is to observe babies' reactions. There are mainly two kinds of situations:

1) Too Cold

  When they are cold, babies will get a running nose, cough, and fever. Because newborns are the most cold-ridden group. Parents need to pay more attention to their physical conditions and check if their babies have cold hands and feet. It is time to add clothes for babies.

2) Too Hot

  When babies are hot, they will sweat. Babies have delicate, sensitive skin that is easy to get prickly heat and itch.

  People need to notice to add or reduce baby clothes and being careful a cold. It is better to regulate babies’ core temperature.

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