Sleep is a very important bodily function. People's brains and bodies can relax and revive. Especially for babies, they sleep most of their days away. This is why the baby sleeps longer that will grow fast and better, but the baby who sleeps less is often stunted. 
  A lot of things can affect sleep quality. Like sleepwear, sleep environment, sleep position, etc. The different effect has different sleep solution. And sleep position is the topic for today. Some mothers may have many confusions. What is the worst sleeping position? And what is the best sleeping position for posture? Let's talk about them one by one.

1. Sleep on the stomach

  For babies under 3 months old, they can not turn over by themselves freely. Sleeping on the tummy is easy to make them have difficulties breathing. If your baby vomits milk, it is easy to cause accidental suction, resulting in the occurrence of suffocation. Therefore, mothers should not let babies keep this sleeping position for a long time. Especially for newborns, mothers should help their babies turn over in time. And when turning over, mothers should feel the back of the baby's neck to check if it is sweaty or cold. And change thick sleepwear or reduce the clothes as appropriate.
  Besides suffocation, sleeping on a tummy also increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 

2. Sleep on the side

  Compared to sleeping on a tummy, sleeping on the side can prevent choking. But it may affect your baby's head shape. Because the first 3 months is a critical period for a baby's head to be shaped. Parents should often change the sleeping position for their babies, between lying on the left side, the right side, and the back, remember not to let the baby sleep on his or her back. 
  Babies usually don't need pillows until they are 3 months old. You can put a better-textured cotton towel under your baby's head to relieve head pressure.
  In order to promote your baby's bone development, mothers can give the baby appropriate supplemental calcium and vitamin D, let your baby get more sunshine. 
  When the baby sleeps on his/her side, it is easy to press his/her arms. So parents need to pay more attention to pulling out the baby's little hands and putting them in front, which will make your baby more comfortable.

3. Sleep on the back

  The best sleeping position is sleeping on the back. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends that infants should try to sleep on the back. Because it is the safest position and it can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Babies under three months have not yet appeared physiological curvature. They do not need to use a pillow when lying on their backs. The baby's neck and shoulders can be slightly padded to keep the head and neck stretched and breathing smoothly.
  A good, suitable sleep sack also can play a helpful role in a baby's sleep. Kaiya Angel recently launched a new newborn sleep sack that is made of bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber is an ideal fabric for a baby. It is super-soft, breathable, thermoregulation, hypoallergenic, moisture absorbing. Mothers don't need to worry their babies will have allergies. The ergonomic design with anti-startle reaction. Babies can keep an arm-up sleep position. And they also can feel snug, comfortable. It is easier for them to have a safe, restful sleep. 
  This sleep sack has three beautiful neutral colors that are all perfect for both baby girls and baby boys. They are creamy white, grayish blue, dark pink. Mothers can choose a preferred color for their babies.