All parents want their babies to have a good, restful sleep. There is a question, should the baby sleep alone in separate beds or sleep with parents in the same bed? How to get the baby sleep safe bed? When should baby sleep in crib? 

1. The benefits of sleeping in separate beds

  If you could, try to put your baby to sleep alone in a crib after birth. It is easier to let babies sleep in a separate bed sooner, the later it is, the harder it is. You can set the baby bed attached to parents bed.

1.1 Develop baby's independence

  From a psychological point of view, sleeping in separate beds is good for the development of a baby's ability to live independently. They can feel that they are gradually “grown-up”. At the same time, it is also beneficial for the baby to overcome the fear of loneliness and darkness. They always feel insecure in a strange and unfamiliar world. In the process of sleeping alone, babies will discover that the darkness is not so scary gradually, and they will learn to manage their emotions.
  As time goes by, babies become older, they can do some bedtime preparations by themselves, such as undressing, tucking in, etc.

1.2 Help baby sleep better

  For babies, they can breathe more fresh air by sleeping alone, and have higher quality sleep. Not just babies, parents also can get a better rest at night. 
  Help your baby to sleep better, you also need a good sleep sack. No matter for newborns or toddlers.
  Kaiya Angel recently has launched two new sleep sacks for babies.


  This sleep sack has a specific design for newborns. Newborns can get much more security after sleeping in it. They will feel snug, soft, comfortable. Because this is made of bamboo fiber, a new, natural fabric.


  This long-sleeve sleep sack is suitable for toddlers' wear. These are made of 100% organic cotton that is sustainable, healthy. This fabric is not only friendly to babies but also friendly to the earth. 

1.3 Increase security

  Sleeping in separate beds but in the same room is convenient for parents to take care of their babies at all times, check and protect their security. Besides, parents also can help form good sleep habits.

2. The risk of sleeping in the same bed with parents

  Why it is not recommended to let your baby sleep in the same bed as you? Some people have no idea. Let's talk about the reasons as the below:

2.1 Increase the risk of SIDS

  SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is the chief killer of infants under age one. It is associated with many factors. And that includes sleeping in the same bed with parents. That is why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that mothers should not sleep in the same bed with their babies but sleep in the same room. 

2.2 Easier get bruised or injured accidentally by their parents

  Babies need to sleep in a safe, clean bed crib by themselves. Sleeping with parents has potential risks. Parents may get babies injured accidentally. Because after entering deep sleep, people will lose consciousness. They may roll over unconsciously. And that is dangerous for babies. 

3. When should baby sleep in crib?

  There is no standard answer to the age of stopping bed-sharing. There is no best, only the most suitable. Mothers can make decisions on the specific situation. For example, some mothers will start to sleep in separate beds when their babies are small. But some mothers are worried that their babies will feel insecure if they let the baby alone too early.
  On the other hand, considering that babies need to nap in kindergarten. At that time, they have to sleep alone by themselves. So you’d better make the baby get used to sleeping in a crib before going to kindergarten.