Kaiya, Hawaiian spelling of “the Ocean”, it also represents a wisdom, gentle, warm person. And this is our brand founder - Lily. This is her story:

When I had my second baby, I hope I can spend more time at home taking care of my family, especially my babies. So I decided to quit my job, return home. My little ones needed me as a guardian angel to protect them in the new world and beyond. It was not long before I get a problem: my babies could not have a long night of restful sleep. They always woke up in midnight, and cried time after time. I was keeping finding the best baby sleep sacks for them, and had tried many brands. But it is hard to find an ideal one. 

One day, an idea suddenly floated into my mind. Why not make sleep sacks for my babies by myself? Women also can balance home life and career. Then I decided to make my career to be one part of my life, and created the brand “Kaiya Angel” with my full dedication to run a business which can provide a collection of comfy and cozy baby sleepwear to as many babies as possible all around the world. All babies can have quality sleep. 

Before I started, I went back to my hometown, met my grandfather. I talked to him my idea. He is exceptionally supportive of me, and would like to help me to find an ideal fabric. I come from a long line of textile family. My great-great-grandfather started out on his fabric career in 1950, and has accumulated much experience. Considering babies’ skins are more sensitive, more delicate, we finally chose organic cotton, which is completely organic, can offer every baby an ultra-soft, super-comfortable feeling.

Now, Kaiya Angel keeps offering many different kinds of stylish, cute baby sleep sacks made of natural, healthy fabric without chemicals. Organic cotton, a kind of pure organic fiber which is picked by hand for improved purity and durability. Besides, we have many talented designers and experienced garment technologists to ensure the quality of all baby products. Sleep sacks have the ergonomic, special design to help babies get enough comfort, sense of security, have a good, restful sleep. No more negative effects of sleep deprivation.

From basic essentials to innovative design, KA makes baby sleepwear for the future. Keep striving for 100% in everything we do to be sustainably sourced. Every piece of sleep sacks is designed with lasting quality, sustainable safety at the forefront.

Rethinking the future of fashion.

Baby is our future. Sustainable fashion is our future.

I believe, my choice of baby sleep sacks to put on my babies will eventually be the same to yours. Enjoy and savor the moments with your little ones, to provide them with the best of the best. Let Kaiya Angel give your baby the best protection.

Kaiya Angel, Your Guardian Angel.