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TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) is a unit of measurement used to indicate the warmth and insulation level of baby sleepwear, including sleep sacks, blankets, and pajamas. It helps parents choose appropriate clothing based on room temperature to prevent overheating or under-dressing.


Kaiya Angel sleep sacks are designed to make sure your baby is always safe and perfectly comfortable, which means a good night’s sleep for baby, but also for you. Choose a sleep sack appropriate for the room temperature, and ensure it fits your baby well is very important.Kaiya Angel design all the sleep sack according to baby growth stage.


“...Kaiya focuses on babies and mothers' sleep at night, which always use organic materials to be safe...”


"...every body can not forget to give babies a free sleep and also make them safe..."

"...Share what your customers are saying about your products, your company..."

"...babies can keep warm all day by wearing Kaiya sleep sacks in 2.5 TOG and 3.5 TOG..."

"...more and more and babies and moms need to have a good sleep at night... "

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kaiya angel advantages

Babies sleep with kaiya

Why Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is perfect for babies – for their safety and sleep quality. It’s naturally perfect!

Studies have shown that babies sleeping in organic cotton settle more quickly, cry less, sleep longer, feed better, and even gain weight faster.

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