Kaiya, Hawaiian spelling of “the Ocean”, it also represents a wisdom, gentle, warm person. And this is our brand founder - Kaiya. This is her story:

When I had my fourth baby, I realized how difficult to balance home life and career. My little ones needed me as a guardian angel to protect them in the new world and beyond. And I was keeping finding the best baby clothes for them to wear.

One day, an idea suddenly floated into my mind. Why not make clothes for my babies by myself? Then I decided to make my career to be one part of my life, and created the brand “Kaiya Angel” with my full dedication to run a business which can provide a collection of comfy and cozy baby clothes to my little ones and as many babies as possible all around the world.

Now, Kaiya Angel keeps offering many different kinds of stylish, cute baby clothes made of natural, healthy fabric without chemicals. All these fibers are picked by hand for improved purity and durability. We have many talented designers and experienced garment technologists to ensure the quality of all baby products.

I believe, my choice of baby clothes to put on my babies will eventually be the same to yours. Enjoy and savor the moments with your little ones, to provide them with the best of the best.

Kaiya Angel, Your Guardian Angel.